Friday, February 01, 2013

Hallo, February!


  1. Howard Dean is First and would smile over this news!

    = ♡♥♡ Awesome Ally Amazes Again! ♡♥♡ =

    Written 1 hour ago by Ally’s Mom:

    Everything went well. We are home, resting, watching cartoons and taking pain meds.
    A nap seems like a good idea too.

  2. Blogger does eat firsties! I posted one about 2 hours ago, saw it at the time, but don't see it now.

    I noted that Howard was first on this bright, COLD day. Temperature was about 2 deg then. Up to 7 now.

    And always good to hear good news about Ally. Somehow didn't get around to wishing her Happy Birthday until it was past midnight and her birthday was past.

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  4. I am rather more than half-way through Leonard Wibberley's "The Mouse on Wall Street," and it's a hoot! Can't figure out how it is going to play out, which is certainly the mark of a good piece of fiction!