Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good-bye, January!


  1. Howard is definitively First!!

    Got flood, but not the worst. The wind not nearly as bad as last week. A skiff of snow, but the electric's still on. Good to go.

    1. Yayyy!

      Wicked windy here today, with icy snow blowing sideways and hitting like sand! Ouch! Brrr!

  2. Yup, 60 degrees yesterday, 20 today with light snow. We now have bipolar weather.

  3. The US Senate Cabinet Hearings.

    The Iowa Quarter's tribute to education, Wood's Frozen Hill
    sits on a ridge down across Buffalo Creek
    bones collected for fertilizer by pioneers
    who built another school nearby where the beasts had fallen through ice
    nearby where I fell through the ice, skating too late in spring.
    My brother plunging through coming to my rescue,
    for looking to the horizon of Young Corn familiar sloughs
    lead down to the Buffalo ponds. Grant Wood lives in me.
    As does a view of a hole in the ice from below
    A brother coming to my aid a story as familiar as every veteran's
    tale of jungle or dessert comrade fallen; a long dark wall, classmates, later.
    For that day was bright, and looking up and seeing a proverbial light in pond water tunnel,
    feeling bottom I "jumped" at the chance to end my war
    and laying on the edge of my hole on the still thin ice
    rejoiced as my brother broke his way to shore.
    Both soon home by hearth; my wish for all like me
    forever stuck with tunnel vision. Jump.

    Phil Specht 31 January 2013