Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Snow Lay on the Ground...


  1. Howard is first. Wonder if he would recognize the basketball blogger?

  2. Hi, Cat. Checking in occasionally.

  3. Regarding the auditions, Daughter had auditioned, and had made callbacks, for a production of Steel Magnolias at her school. She didn't end up getting a part. Yesterday, the director told her that she came very close to being cast, and he encouraged her to try out for a local community theater production of the same play. Auditions were going to be at 7 p.m.

    We will change plans on a dime to accommodate anything that comes up which might be a good opportunity for the kids. So, last night we rearranged our evening to make sure she got to this audition that came up at the last minute. She looks at the place, turns her nose up, and says, "I'm done here. We can go home". After driving out to the other side or town.

    As I told Demetrius last night, it could have been win-win, except for Daughter being so territorial.We were clearly reading for different characters. She had already announced once she arrived at the audition, which was held in a church basement, that this wasn't what she expected and looked too "unprofessional". Apparently she has no clue what "community theater" is, and actually speculated that she might be paid if she was cast in the play.

    The biggest problem is my husband thinking I "shat all over something of Daughter's." I'm just a little concerned about boundaries, and the extent to which she has become daddy's princess.