Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elf Hat Mushrooms


  1. It's still DEAN!

    Been AWOL, I know. I'm in serious Christmas prep mode, while working extra hours this end of the week to have time off the rest of the week to attend the memorial service for brother-in-law Larry on Thursday. Went back to the eye doc on Tuesday and ended up with cortisone drops. Hopefully now it will heal!

    On the run, but thinking of you. XOXOXXX

  2. Same back atcha, listener!


  3. Did I mention we got word at Monday's staff meeting that we staffers need to bring cookies for this week's Trustees meeting (annual Christmas thing). I'm not eating sugar, but still managed to make and decorate Gingerbread trees tonight.

    Must sleep! Big day Wednesday that includes a trip into town with several stops, working at the Library, cleaning house and packing and driving to NH?

    If only I didn't need sleep, I think I could pull it off.

  4. Sorry about the absence--never managed to get online at all yesterday. Compensated for by the fact I've learned to play the DVD feature on Clementine. Have watched the whole 12 hours of "The House of Cards" in the past two days.

    Been working on pulling together the makings for the spirit trees, which I dropped 18 months ago. Being more complicated that I thought, but may get the grands' trees done, at least.

    listener: Manchin, one of my two senators, is a Democrat. He's our former governor, too. Was delighted to see him standing up: that is NO small thing in a state chock full of hunters. Howard had a good NRA rating, too, lol!


  5. Line's fading again. Don't know when I'll be able to get back on. Don't send Sheriff Chuck, lol!

  6. Funny, puddle, I saw some article that said Manchin was a Repub. Must have made an assumption based on his NRA stance. LOL!

    I'm psyched you can watch DVDs now! Can you rent them locally? I recommend Downton Abbey and especially Miss Potter, which has a great Christmas scene.

    Well, we're almost to the hotel. Memorial service for Larry in the morning.