Tuesday, December 25, 2012



  1. Howard is first on this -- yes, it's going to be a White Christmas after all. When I looked out the window this morning there were only a few tiny patches of snow left. But an hour or so ago Penny told me it was snowing and I now see that the garage roofs are already white.

  2. Tidings of comfort and joy!

    So happy for your White Christmas, Bill. Ours is too, with sunshine and Redpolls!

    1. Just enough snow to cover the ground and sunshine. Very nice.

  3. Our snow's mostly gone, and it's a toasty 40º but memories of yesterday's big fat storm will do.

    Busy needle felting a tiny dog for a spirit tree. These are my first needle felting projects, so slow, but the first one is just darling! And then *that* tree will be done. And five to go before next Sunday when my kiddle and the grands arrive. I *needed* the extra time, lol!

  4. Bill, compression may work, thanks. I wouldn't want to try breaking up a music file.

    Alan, the Ferlinghetti poem is sobering indeed.

  5. Santa Claus brought me some *Vermont* maple syrup, no less! I have spend some time cleaning up the files in my old MacBook, preparatory to transferring things to my new Air. Everyone made out fairly well for Xmas, and the weather was OK (yesterday was beautiful), with a bit of rain starting in the afternoon. Really nice to have the family together for the holidays.


  6. Of course, since Santa visits Vermont first! :-)