Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve


  1. Howard is pretty good too, eh?

    Patsy Cline article in NYT

    With links to three of her big hits: Walkin' After Midnight, Crazy, and Sweet Dreams. Boy, talk about taking me back…and she died so young, in a plane crash like Buddy Holly, and not long after…

    And now off to the Land of Nod.


  2. Fats Domino and Patti Page too...YouTube is great.


  3. Thanks for reminding me Alan to get my music from the old computer: gots lotsa Patsy. Absolutely *adore* that woman's voice!

    Got a little weather event going on here, involving sleet, snow, ice pellets. Dusting of what looks like extra sparkly snow. So glad I don't have to travel for the next fews. Just sitting it out with the dancing dawg.

    And a blessed holy day to all!

    1. I love YouTube. Hard to believe we've only had it for five or six years; can't remember what I did without it. Needles to say, it was vastly superior before Google took it over, but no use crying over spilled milk. YouTube is still wonderful.

  4. Confused. Spent much of yesterday thinking it was Christmas Eve.

    When I got up today, Mum greeted me by asking whether I knew what the Higgs Boson was. Apparently she'd seen a program about it - on the National Geographic Channel she thought - and figured she'd cheer me up by asking me about it. Did the trick. Gave me a big smile. Sometimes people are very nice.

  5. OK techies, here's a question. People can send me attachments of music files, sometimes four and five at a time. Yet, I can't send so much as one music file. Get a message that the file size has exceeded the limit of 25 mg. Now, how is that? And what can I do about it?

    1. If I were to pony up some more money for my ISP I could send bigger attachments.


  6. Cat `` It appears that different ISPs have different file-size limits. I've occasionally had trouble sending back files that others have sent me. Sometimes compressing it with a ZIP program helps, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know if this will work with music files, but sometimes the only thing I've been able to do is manually break the file into several peices.

  7. For our edification--Alan

    Bird With Two Right Wings

    And now our government
    a bird with two right wings
    flies on from zone to zone
    while we go on having our little fun & games
    at each election
    as if it really mattered who the pilot is
    of Air Force One
    (They're interchangeable, stupid!)
    While this bird with two right wings
    flies right on with its corporate flight crew
    And this year its the Great Movie Cowboy in the cockpit
    And next year its the great Bush pilot
    And now its the Chameleon Kid
    and he keeps changing the logo on his captains cap
    and now its a donkey and now an elephant
    and now some kind of donkephant
    And now we recognize two of the crew
    who took out a contract on America
    and one is a certain gringo wretch
    who's busy monkeywrenching
    crucial parts of the engine
    and its life-support systems
    and they got a big fat hose
    to siphon off the fuel to privatized tanks
    And all the while we just sit there
    in the passenger seats
    without parachutes
    listening to all the news that's fit to air
    over the one-way PA system
    about how the contract on America
    is really good for us etcetera
    As all the while the plane lumbers on
    into its postmodern
    manifest destiny

    Lawrence Ferlinghetti