Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sailors' Delight


  1. Sailors and landsmen know Howard is first!

  2. Less rain in the current forecast…but we had some today.

    Maybe a week ago or soI received an e-mail allegedly from an acquaintance that sounds an awful lot like what others here describe. I trashed it and notified the alleged sender. I suspect some sort of packet sniffer is at work.

    And now to bed.


  3. About patron saints. I picked St Jude many many years ago: no one so fitting for a gurl that's a lost cause. I've lost a number of medals, and currently have one kicking around somewhere that has a piece of cloth glued into a depression on the back that was rubbed on a an actual certified relic. I don't think it was a bone, but it might have been.

    Early this a.m., I figured I may have jiggered the whole computer. SO many things were outta whack. Icons were missing, warning notices popping up everywhere. I'd deleted/reinstalled the earthlink software five or six times yesterday, done two or three system restores, some of which didn't take, and had a START SYSTEM REPAIR program take over when it wouldn't even start last night.

    Slept on it, undid the last restore, and did a way far back one. And it's been fine this morning. Hold your breath, St Jude!

  4. Listener, you really ought to publish a book of your photos!

    That reminds me: How did that rose photo do that you submitted to a contest a few months back? Can't remember your telling us. It was a beautiful white rose, Remember?

    1. Thanks, Cat. The Trinity Rose was one photo among many, many others at the Fair and didn't get much notice. But I liked seeing it there just the same. :-)

  5. I wonder how much snow we have now. When I got home from work at 8pm we had 6" of snow, and it was still falling. Beautiful! But oh so cold...17.4F presently.