Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ah, the Vermont side of the Causeway


  1. Dean and Deanland be First!

    Note for Susan on the last thread.

    Kimmy came excellently through her surgery! :-D

  2. About Susan's scammy email -- I've been getting them from about four people -- Denise, and Jo and two of my tea relatives. They generally say For Julie, or Hi Julie, and a yahoo fairly obvious fake email, and only a link in the body. My spam control and earthlink are so tight, they shouldn't be getting through, but they do, about every other day. I don't think ANY of them are because someone was hacked.

    Had an early and dandy firsties here yesterday, the only time I was able to get on here, about Dr. Dean likely being delighted to share his firsties with kimmy, lol!

    If any of you don't feel weird about praying for or good vibing a telephone connection, I surely would appreciate the help.

    1. I have no problem sending good vibes for your telephone connection, Puddle.

      I've gotten a few spam e-mails recently and a few have gotten through to my Engelbert e-mail discussion list. Didn't click any of the ones that came through to my personal e-mail, very obviously spam. But a few of us clicked one that came to the list, with varying degrees of disaster. My friend Ted had his entire e-address book infected, including business contacts. Took him several days to sort it all out. No one else was that badly effected and a couple of us, including yours truly, had no ill effects at all. We never did figure that one out. But it shows how insidious these things are, and that even smart people can be taken in.

    2. Puddle, two saints are listed as being in charge of telephones: Clare of Assisi and Gabriel the Archangel, if you're so inclined. Seems to me, asking for their intercession couldn't possibly hurt.

      Saint Clare:

      Gabriel the Archangel:

    3. Good ol' Gabe and Clare.

    4. LOL

      Hey, why not? The phone company hasn't been able to help. Why not go to the big hitters?