Monday, September 13, 2010

Note the circles on the water, from a fish below:


  1. Just checked, and Howard's still first.

  2. You betcha. Also.

  3. You needed to check? 8-)

  4. Since she hasn't checked in this morning, I'm assuming that Pat and David evacuated some time after midnight when she last posted. Heart wrenching stuff. I don't know from fires (my one fire, up the hill, was taken care of before it burned a couple of acres), but I do know flood. And leaving is wrenching because you have no idea what will remain. And somehow you never take paintings, quilts, vases, dishes. . . . the ordinary accouterments of life. And you mourn more than you expected at their destruction.

    Again: holding them in the light. All things bright and beautiful.

  5. Jessica's house was flooded. Apparently she's OK, since both she and Dogma are posting on FB. Still, spare some good vibes and Light for them.

    On another note entirely: Did you hear about the skateboarder in Amarillo who snatched a Quran before it could be burnt?

  6. This is Pat's webcam (Storm Mountain)

    I'm not being able to see it at this moment (installing java runtime environment, lol!), but maybe you can.

  7. Well, Puddle, from what I could see before the plugins and such crashed my computer, everything is green and peaceful.

  8. Here's today's Flight Plan

  9. Fire near Loveland grows to 900 acres • September 13, 2010 LARIMER COUNTY - Authorities say they confirmed Monday the Reservoir Road Fire was caused by someone who was burning grass, leaves and small branches Sunday at their home, but the fire got out of control.

  10. Downloading java crashed mine an hour short of getting it. Joan said she could see it, too. Pat dropped by, and they're still there, though kinda sick from the smoke. The cam belongs to their emergency response team.

  11. Oh blast, I just deleted a post when I didn't intend to.
    Gotta watch out where I click! Sheesh!

    Had just said that my heart goes out to Pat, with all the smoke.
    We had smoke from the Canadian fires earlier this year.
    It wasn't anywhere near so close by, but it was still pretty awful.
    And it's going to be 90 degrees there tomorrow too.

  12. Went off to look up where Longmont, Colorado is, since we have family there.
    Turns off it's the town between Boulder and Loveland!!
    Argh!! They must be getting smoke from both fires, there.
    The winds there are calm tonight.
    Tomorrow it will be about 7mph from the W, then S, then SW, then SE.

  13. Oh right, I had also said that I looked at the cam from Pat
    and the land and trees look okay, but the grass looks all yellow and bone dry.
    My heart goes out to everyone in harm's way. ♥

  14. Oh wow! I didn't think there had been a lot of rain near Jessica's.
    What caused the flooding? So glad she's okay!!
    {{{ {{ { ♥ Jessica ♥ } }} }}}