Saturday, September 18, 2010

An apple a day keeps the doctor away (except Howard Dean)


  1. Dr. Dean is FIRST!

  2. Reposting from the bottom of the last thread:

    Well, I've got to get some shut-eye, as I open the Library in the morning, with my coworker who just had her gall bladder out 10 days ago.

    But first, here's a little something different...!

    Remember how our 5 Democratic candidates played nice and stuck together through the Recount? Well, once the Recount was over the Republican and Democratic candidates went full tilt into the negative campaigning. Grrrr. I makes me feel disgusted! So this (while being poorly written) at least attempts to address the issue of negative campaigning. I think the Democrat is shooting himself in the foot left and right. All the Dems can say anymore is "Vote for us; we're not as bad as the Republicans. Oh, and send us money." Hubby says: "Why would I do that? Then I'd have two things to feel bad about. (1) The Republicans are bad. (2) I just lost some money to the Democrats."

    Okay, 'nuff said. Here's the article. And be sure to scroll down the blog that follows it, to VT Grammie's post. Wink

    VT: Chapel of the Politically Incorrigible
    (It's the 7th comment, and last it knew was "awaiting moderation.")

  3. Gorgeous day here!! I've figured out what facebook does best: makes sure you get a boatload of happybirthdays, lol! Fascinating to watch all my worlds coming together: Aunt Julie, sis, wooby, puddle. . . . Powerful stuff going on.

    Aside from which, a six a.m. call from Thankful, and making plans to do Monticello next week! A happy Happy, indeed.

  4. There's another 7th, and you're not up yet. Will keep refreshing. . . .

  5. New thread.