Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Youngest's birthday today. :-)

He's 28...born at home.


  1. HOWARD'S da boy!!

  2. Haven't been by in a while and wanted to say hello to this special community of people.

  3. Hey, tc, great to see you!! Been praying for you, m'dear. ♥!!!!

  4. {{{ {{ { ♥ tc ♥ } }} }}}

    You are ever in our ♥'s!

  5. Just loving the sound of this rain, which has been going on for hours now. And even more expected tomorrow. Yay!

  6. Bill Thomasson9/26/2010 11:55:00 PM

    I'm back. Actually got back late Friday night, but am still very much in catch-up mode -- I got more than 1200 e-mails while I was gone, not to mention all the snail that piled up.

    It was an interesting trip, but long and exhausting. Just a few quick notes now. Maybe more later.

    There was a somewhat feeble elderly wonan on the post-convention tour who was prepared to boast that she was the oldest person there. Only thing is, I had her beat by 7 months. Makes me appreciate how well my general health has held up.

    There were a number of people on the tour who were convinced that the airline tickets indicating some of our flights were on a Boeing 717 had to be a typo; there was no such plance, they thought. But when we got on the plane from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock and back, and from Alice Springs to Cairns, it was a Boeing 717. Checking Wikepedia revealed the source of the confusion. This plane was originally developed by McDonnel-Douglass as the MD-95, then renamed after the two companies merged. And only 156 were sold, so they aren't terribly common.

    The Sounds of Silence event at Ayers Rock figured to be the high point of the tour, but it was cancelled because it rained both nights we were there. OTOH, we are among the 3% of tourists who have seen waterfalls cascading off Ayers Rock.

    Yes, I ate bugs. Moreton Bay bugs, that is. They're a type of crustacean intermediate in size between prawns and rock lobsters. I had them in Singapore chili sauce, which rather thoroughly overwhelmed the taste of the bug. Those who had them plain described the taste as mild and sweet.

    I did not, however, each the witchery "grubs" (actually a type of catepillar) that was a stable of the aboriginal diet. I would have, except that my wife has rather firm ideas about what is edible (it's been decades since I had liver), and I didn't feel like arguing with her.

    I see it's getting close to the witching hour of 11 pm, so I'll close. Despite all the unread mail, I'll try to be on-line tomorrow.

  7. Welcome back, Bill. You've been missed. Sounds like a good time was had all around!