Monday, September 27, 2010

7th Anniversary is Wool or Copper...

Son*in*ME and his Spouse are celebrating their 7th Anniversary today. My goodness,
it was right after their wedding that Hubby and I joined the Dean campaign. (We had
only waited until after the wedding, so we could get everything done for it.) So that
means we've been together about 7 years now. I call that 7 years good luck!


  1. Howie's still first, and it's *still* raining!!

  2. Ahhh, I'm so glad you still have rain, puddle!

    I'm also glad that Son*in*ME and DIL*in*ME got to go out to dinner tonight. That means DIL is feeling well again from the mean flu. Son*in*ME heads back to the Gulf now (Monday...ON their Anniversary). Daughter (whose house it is they all live in) was on hand tonight to put the little girls to bed so Dad & Mom could go out. It helps. Son will now be on Grand Isle, Louisiana until at least the weekend, but possibly next Tuesday or Wednesday. Item: His birthday is next TUESDAY!

    Speaking of birthdays, on Monday evening I'm having a double birthday party here for our two youngest sons. (Not Son*in*ME, he's our middle child. We're in the midst of The Birthday Blitz! LOL!) ) I have a cheesecake and a chocolate cake cooling presently. Tomorrow I am making veggie lasagna (with carrots and broccoli), wheatloaf, and an apple crisp. That ought to do the deed. :-)

    Hubby has been working on a vital computer program for a customer and it was being a bear all weekend. I have rarely seen him so stressed. Around 11:30pm he cracked it, and we are sooo glad!! (Big project that means we'll be afloat now at least until Thanksgiving, maybe even Christmas.) =Whew!=

  3. Glad to hear about hubby's success, listener. This morning we should have a repairman at Salt Mine No. 1 to repair two (mechanical) problems with an instrument we use to measure blood alcohol levels. The equipment is far from new, and we have shoved an awful lot of samples through it. Multiple problems had developed and I had both managed to make it limp along while locating and fixing a couple of them, and locating another that I couldn't seem to fix. Then another part just simply broke. We have a duplicate instrument that can carry the load for a while, but isn't enough for a really busy day.

    Had what is now a typical weekend at Salt Mine No. 2; almost no sleep Friday night/Saturday morning, next night much easier.

    Wow, waterfalls at Ayers Rock!


  4. Been raining now for about a day. Sweet slow soaking. I'll live with that. And the flash flood warning for overnight, lol! Be nice to see if the flood work has *worked*. . . .

  5. My goddaughter gave birth today to her second child, a son!

    ♥ Tolin Phinneaus Dean joins Big Sister Adelaide Fairlight. ♥

    That's right, his second middle name is DEAN! :-D

  6. How can ya go wrong with a name like that, lol!?

  7. Bill Thomasson9/27/2010 08:25:00 PM

    Gradually, gradually catching up. Saw the good news about Ally's clear scans. Yay!

    Don't think I mentioned that I gained about 10 pounds on the trip. They seriously overfed us. Except for the days we bought our own lunches, we faced three big meals. Or four. The travel agency seemed unable to grasp the point that Qantas feed it's passengers. So we would have dinner on the plane, then another big dinner at the destination hotel.

  8. Pate de foie gras, lol! I used to feel that way in China. Especially around Spring Festival, when the keepers would schedule us for "lunch" and "dinner" with different students/teachers. Which roughly equaled TWO Thanksgiving Dinners everyday, for two weeks. . . .

  9. Did you all see this, today???

    UFOs have now been confirmed by military personnel, and announced to the National Press Corps.

  10. Tonight's birthday party went well. We are all stuffed full of lasagna, wheatloaf and cakes. The guys liked their gifts and it was great to have three of our five home for a few hours. (That's the real reason mothers bake!)