Monday, August 30, 2010

Who says Monday can't be fun?


  1. HD primus inter princeps est!

    Coming off a weekend of mining salt, and fine-tuning our new iMac and associated software. We'r just about there now; only problem remaining is the input display for our old Japanese word processor. There is probably some sort of selection in the controls that Miyoko will have to find in the manual, since it is all in Japanese. But in the meantime I found and installed another Japanese word processor that has no problems and will probably do everything we need. Cheap, too!

    Taking the whole of this week off, plus the weekend, plus Labor Day! Pruning, painting, caulking, printing DVD labels, and finishing up new computer stuff. Also learning about iPod touch that came with the new iMac as a freebie. Nice. Hope this finds everyone well--I will go back and get caught up later, I expect. This computer is a real speed demon compared to our old one--I can easily do this while running another fairly processor-intensive application.

  2. Hi Alan. Snazzy firsty.

    Great, a hurricane. However, we're about one hundred miles inland from Boston, which is itself not so very close to the Cape as all that. So, with any luck, we should be safe. Knock on wood.

    :wave: Susan!

  3. You'll be safe, Cat. But I never take hurricane track predictions for granted!
    This morning they moved the "cone" (the areas the hurricane could conceivably hit) a little more inland.

  4. Holy shit! That is scary! But, I suppose we should be grateful it's still has high as four out of five.