Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Sunday!


  1. That Howard dude is first.

    The upload went smoothly this time. Yeah, Puddle, it is funny how rebooting or sometimes shutting down for a while tends to clear up problems. Computers are strange creatures.

  2. Bill Thomasson8/29/2010 11:46:00 AM

    Following up on my observation of a few weeks ago: What has been unusual about this summer in Chicago is not the degree of heat but the absence of cool weather. This morning's Sun-Times noted that our string of days with highs of at least 79 stands at 58 and counting. The previous record was 43.

    Now, 79 is not exactly hot. And I don't think there have been more than two or three days when the temperature has broken 90. (High 90s are not terribly, terriby unusual in Chicago, and I seem to recall a day or two in the past 40 years when it has broken 100.) But a solid two months without even thinking about putting on a long-sleeve shirt is not what we're used to.

    OTOH, by Thursday it will be winter. (But not in Chicago.)

  3. Found this in my email this morning:

    Dear Bill and June,

    As we prepare for the recount process we wanted to share with you our united plan to ensure that no matter what the results of the recount are, we will beat Brian Dubie in November.

    With the unofficial results showing Peter winning by 197 votes, we all agree that he should continue to campaign as the presumptive nominee. We've also agreed to campaign together while the recount takes place. Our vision for Vermont is dramatically different than Brian Dubie's and as this process unfolds, it is critical that Vermonters understand the contrast between Brian's vision and our own.

    We will all be working together over the coming days to ensure that the recount process happens as quickly and effectively as possible so the nominee has as much time as possible to beat Brian. In addition, the three of us will continue to work together to ensure that fundraising, staffing and other efforts essential to the campaign continue.

    In many ways, this may have been the most extraordinary primary in the history of Vermont. All five opponents articulated their vision for Vermont without disparaging each other. The reason that roughly 75,000 Vermonters turned out to vote is because they were energized by these positive visions. Whatever the results of the recount, the Democratic nominee will have this energy, passion, and excitement behind them as they take on Brian Dubie.

    Thank you for all of your support.

    Doug, Peter and Deb

  4. Phenomenal, isn't it?!!

  5. Bill Thomasson8/29/2010 03:24:00 PM

    A very nice, very statesmanlike communicaiton under the circumstances.

  6. Whatever's in the water or the air in Vermont, you guys need to figure out how to bottle and export it....and then we need to make imbibing it mandatory for all U.S. politicians.

  7. Bit warmer than I could have wished today (eighty), but sweet and sunny. A very nice ending for August. . . .

  8. Hi all. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. No mail to be dealt with, usually no phone calls except family. A day I can breathe and feel free.

    Today Son #1 and I went to see "Avatar: Special Edition". This is the 7th time Son 1 has seen it and the... wait for it....27th time I have seen it in theaters. I don't know why I enjoy this movie so much, but I do. Never in my life did anything like this before, but can't say I regret it and would certainly do it all over again.

    When I got home I cut up squares for a couple of quilts and baked Amish White Bread (by hand, not by bread machine). The recipe makes two loaves.

    Later this evening I'll watch True Blood, although the books were *way* better than the TV series. Not as bloody or soft-porny as the show either.

    And Monday (ugh) back on the hamster wheel.

  9. I think what's up here is called: Howard Dean! 8-)

  10. It hit 89 here! Whoo! Too hot for me!

    Looks like we're in for a week of it, too. Blah.

  11. Hurricane Danielle has passed Maine now. There are two more hurricanes plowing up the eastern seaboard. Like Hurricane Danielle, Hurricane Earl will become a Category 4 hurricane! Soon afterward the storm following Earl will become Hurricane Fiona. There's a chance that Fiona will catch up to Earl! Wild!

    And Catreona, you are currently on the edge of "the cone" showing where Hurricane Earl might go. I'll have a special front page post about this up at 11:45pm for just 15 minutes, so it will be there as an easy reference and resource.

    Take care! ♥

  12. Hi Susan! Wow, I salute you for making bread by hand! I have no knack for kneading, so mine tends to come out rather blah.

    I worked extra hours the last two weeks and today was a blessed day off for me as well. I got to go birthday shopping for Granddaughter*in*VT who turns 3 this week. Smile

    27 is definitely a record as far as I know, Susan! What does Guinness say?