Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's your favourite colour Pansy?


  1. It falls again to us folks on the Pacific Rim to point out Howard's firstlyness!

    Hmmmm..."Moo Plus?" Plus what, I wonder... tells the story--seems the "plus" is less water--I guess that means more of the active ingredient, so "plus."
    Or maybe it's the Bauhaus idea--less is more?

    puddle--yes, non-competition clause in daughter's contract.

    Renee--dump away; it ain't Moo Plus! [grin] I haven't the foggiest idea how one would score analytic writing. But I can empathize with being competent at something one doesn't enjoy. I can do a competent job of teaching at the college level, but am not emotionally cut out for it. Especially nowadays. One on one, informal, yes. Writing up a farking syllabus etc., no. Departmental politics, yuck and double yuck.

    No bears hereabouts, but we had a big possum drinking from our swimming pool this morning.

    Off to the Bay Area tomorrow with fresh local strawberries for daughter and roommate, and to take them to a moderately fancy dinner to celebrate graduation.

    Sorry to hear about the apples; rain and hail damaged quite a bit of fruit here. It's nothing like the year without a summer, though:


    P.S.: Seems we raised a sensible daughter; her first thought in starting to look for a new place to live was to find one that would allow her to get to and from work, shopping and elsewhere without a car. As it happens that is actually pretty easy given where her job is. What she saves on commuting will allow her to quickly set aside an emergency reserve that will tide her over if the company should go belly-up or have to do a RIF. And probably at least half the similar jobs in the Bay Area will be an easy commute from there, albeit longer. [Hard to beat a 20 minute bus ride without a transfer.]

  2. Bill Thomasson5/15/2010 02:55:00 AM

    Alan ~

    Well, I can beat that [grin] -- a dozen yards or so from bedroom to office!

    And I should have been in bad long ago. 'Night all!

  3. Morning, Noon, and Afternoon, all.

    Kid's here for the weekend. Already this morning, has cleaned out the inside of the computer, rehooked my kitchen drain, and is out (for the second time) in the pumpkin patch. Wanted to start a fire, but the spring burn rules say not before four until June. Other tasks on the agenda: reattaching the last piece of drywall from the redo last year. Replacing a few wall sockets. leveling the floor from the remodeling, and nailing the dang boards down. (then I can drywall and repaint the whole corner) He and the grandbabies will be back for the Second Annual Memorial Day Pumpkin Plant.

  4. Finally planted the flowers I picked up last week. I'm doing them in containers and waited because we kept getting frosts. I put them in my front flower bed along with a hummingbird feeder I got. The hummingbird love the flowers we have planted (perennials), but they're not in bloom yet. I've only seen the brown birds that I almost always mistake for super-sized bugs at first. Shhh, don't tell them that. It might hurt their feelings. =-X

  5. Maybe it's just me ... I'm using a Mac and browsing with Safari. But I've tried to light Ally candles twice today and while it looks like it's working while I'm on the candle page, they don't show up on *her* candle page. Any ideas? (Not that a technoignoramus like me will understand anyway ) :-[

  6. I'm seeing one from on her page, Susan. I think the site sometimes just hangs up. Other times, it's lightening fast. . . . Today was pretty slow for me, but didn't hang up.

  7. Nope, puddle. It's still not right. There should (by now) be 3 candles from me on the page. Oh well. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

  8. Alan, the big PLUS in MOO PLUS is that it's drier, so the bags are easier to heft.
    Also, IMO, they're less smelly.

    The Year Without a Summer hit hard in Vermont...snowed every month!
    We don't want that to happen again...!

  9. Hubby just reaches down beside the bed, pulls up his laptop, and he's at work.
    Now that's the shortest commute I can imagine.

  10. Ohhhh, so sorry the Ally page was frustrating today!!

    But thank you so much for persevering, Susan! ♡

    And thanks for your candles, too, puddle and Bill! ♡♡

  11. Awesome, puddle! Let's hear it for kids who help! ♥

  12. No bears or possums here tonight,
    but there is a skunk thereabouts.


  13. We always get hummingbirds when the rhododendron open.
    Only, this year the rhodys opened 3 weeks early!
    So when the hummers come to town they'll be hungry.
    Or maybe they'll feel like latecomers with so many other flowers open.

  14. I'm seein' two Susan candles, now.

  15. yup, I went back in and added another one. If they ever all show up it'll be kind of scary!