Monday, May 03, 2010

Enjoy the beauty in life. Some of it is pretty cute!


  1. Goodness. Am I the first to observe that Howard is first?

    listener, I don't think we made it to 97, thankfully, just about 90. That's still too darn hot AFAIC but better than it could have been. We had some wild wind and rain here earlier, but all is once more calm and overcast and warm. I'm glad you guys got home safely. Are you feeling better? I take it you'll let us know when you reach Puddle.

    Alan, the mere thought of an extension ladder gives me the shakes and makes my hands wet. You are very brave!

  2. Howard Dean and puddle in absentia are First!

    Dear puddle sends HALLO!
    Her internet connection is messed up, but she still has phone.

  3. Phew! Thanks, listener.

  4. One of the members of my quilt group brought her new baby Yorkie with her today. A little girl puppy just eight weeks old. She's sooooo tiny with the sweetest little face. I suggested she bring her back every week. ;)

  5. ALLY UPDATES will be posted here at HEP, until puddle's internet connection is restored

    HERE IS THE LATEST ALLY UPDATE, from Ally's Mommy:

    Sunday, May 2, 2010 9:34 PM, EDT
    We have had such a fun end of the week I did not have time to update. 

    On Thursday morning we got to visit Auntie.  It was VERY windy, but we managed a quick trip to the park and then a very tasty lunch.  (It was on the way home that we discovered Ally had been approved for the injections.)

    Friday was a very full day for Ally and me.  In the morning we were off to visit one of Ally's new best friends.   The two girls had lots of fun together.  Ally could not stop talking about everything her friend said and all the toys they played with and the fun upstairs game away from the mommies.  We got home in time for Ally to have a nap and some lunch, then we were off to another house.  This time it was Mommy's friend's house.  We had a lovely time tye dying and eating yummy food.  There was even a fire for roasting marshmallows.  There was another little boy there that Ally enjoyed playing with.  It was very fun to watch Ally at this particular place.  Ally is not a risk taker, and in new situations she always wants to keep Mommy or Daddy nearby.  Within 45 minutes of being there Ally was in and out of the house, up and down the deck stairs and running all over the backyard, without Mommy needing to be there.  She would willingly go with other adults around to do whatever she wanted.  It was very nice to see her so comfortable in a new situation.

    Saturday had us visiting again (this time Daddy got to come).  We had a great time visiting some of our friends who live in the land of black flies.  (The black flies were not fun, but the people sure were.)  There were 2 other little girls there for Ally to play with.  By the end of our full day visit the three of them were sneaking off upstairs to play "Madeline".  (Ally is not familiar with this game, but the other girls showed her how to play.)  Ally had a blast.  The girls really enjoyed playing with Ally's medical supplies as well...Ally has things that don't come in the kit you can buy at the toy store.  We got home just in time to put Ally to bed.

    Continued below...


    Today we did some regular old errands. We also bought ourselves a new couch. (It was our 6 year anniversary on the 25th and the 6th year is wood/iron...we figure there is some wood in the couch. To take care of the iron we will eat red meat this week.) On the way home from our errands Ally thought it would be a great idea to go to the park. She is so smart. We played at the park for a while. This particular park has a duck pond, with several male ducks and one mommy duck with about 8 little ducklings. The male ducks DO NOT LIKE IT WHEN YOU GET TOO CLOSE TO THE WATER'S EDGE. Yup, we got chased by 2 angry ducks. It was pretty funny.
    Then, tonight we dug out the world biggest dead bush from our front yard and put some new greenery in it's place.

    Back to work tomorrow. Ally begins injections on Wednesday and Ally and Mommy head to NYC on Sunday.

    Note: Wednesday is also Mommy’s birthday.

  7. Thanks, listener. It's great to hear about Ally being able to have such ordinary experiences.

  8. Currently reading The Enchanted April. A lovely book. Enjoying it, only it does stir my wanderlust.

  9. Thanks for your concern, Cat--but the ladder was on a firm footing and against a solid wall; that doesn't bother me. But I have a problem with Ferris wheels, even small ones. Go figure.

    Enchanted April sounds like a variation both substantial and interesting on the old "strangers tossed together" genre. Would I be correct to guess that the writing style is firmly post-Edwardian?

    Excellent Ally update! Also good to hear from puddle, albeit indirectly.

    High temperature here today was a little over 90 deg. F; around here that's generally comfortable, but it happened all of a sudden, and the humidity seems higher than when it is normally that warm. High of 74 predicted for the next couple of days.