Friday, August 04, 2006

from listener: Israel Addicted to Militarism?

From Renee--we've had enough threads today, and this one doesn't have all that many comments, so I decided to post my thread-featuring-a-cute-critter here instead. Or, if you'd prefer some silly videos, scroll to the bottom of this page. 'Night, all.

Israel's Dependency on the Drug of Militarism
By Robert Scheer
Tuesday 01 August 2006

Those who mindlessly support Israel, right or wrong, from President Bush on through the cheerleaders in Congress and the media, betray the security of the Jewish state. They are enablers who have encouraged Israel's dependency on the drug of militarism as a false escape from the difficult accommodations needed to bring peace to the Middle East.

For too many pundits and politicians, bombing just seems so much simpler - until, as happened in Qana, Lebanon, on Sunday, those bombs blow up to your nation's disgrace, slaughtering scores of innocents, whose only crime was to be in the crossfire. The alternative to such excessive violence-an authentic peace process-had been supported by every American president since Harry Truman. Yet it was abruptly abandoned, indeed ridiculed, by the Bush administration, which bizarrely believes it can re-create the Middle East in a more U.S.-friendly form. The president has framed this process with a simplistic good-versus-evil template, which has the Christian West and Jewish Israel on an unnecessary collision course with the Muslim world.

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