Monday, July 31, 2006

People-Powered Gear has moved

We are in the process of making some new bumper stickers, and it occurred to us that we should really have a small url included on our bumper stickers. That way, if a person sees one on a car and would like to buy one for him/herself, they will know where they need to go online to do that.

The URL or our main store was, as we set it up during the (wistful sigh) primary season running up to the 2004 election. Once the election was over, to justify paying for the premium store, we gradually folded all of our other little stores into that one store. Some of the designs there are political in nature, but others are not.

In order to have one url that we could use, whether or not a product is Dean-oriented, I decided it was a good idear to change the url of the store to this:

I now have a boatload of links to change. I changed the text link in the sidebar of this page, but I still have a lot more to change--like anywhere I linked a graphic to a section of the store. So I'm basically posting this to say "Excuse our dust" while I change all of those links. And also to let all of you know, in case you have shared the link to our store with anyone else, or have it posted on a web site or blog.

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