Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday link roundup

This morning I'm working our page at Zazzle, adding a few Pluto designs. So, for now, I'm just going to share a few random links with you--any of which could generate some good discussion. Mostly, there were some really good links in the comments yesterday, but if you didn't read the comments, you missed them.

Corinne has a diary at Daily Kos. You know the, recommend if you're a member, go crosspost it if you're multi-blogal.
US Cold War Gift to Iran: A Nuclear Plant

Corinne also posted this in the comments yesterday morning, but I never got around to clicking, as I was working on other things.

Did everyone get a message from Howard?

Howard Dean - Playing Offense

Jim Dean is going to NYC to show his support for Chris Owens. Chris and his dad, Congressman Major Owens were among the first to endorse Howard:

Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America and brother of Howard Dean, will be our featured speaker at an event next Monday, August 28th, at Cinema Classics/Rafifi in the East Village! The Cinema Classics/Rafifi location has been a frequent meeting place of progressive activists since the Dean days. Democracy for NYC and New Democratic Majority are putting together a fun filled evening!

Details here

Finally, Subodh Chandra has an article over at the American Prospect over the whole "macaca" nonsense.

Click through and you'll see some adorable children (Subodh's triplets?) wearing "macaca" t-shirts. (SusanD confirmed that they are indeed Subodh and Meena's boys--they sure have grown since the pictures I posted a while back.

Oh heck, I'll include the picture.

Just saw this on Booman Tribune... Dave Chappelle as "Black George Bush" I missed this when it first ran, and then saw people referencing it later and couldn't find it. Thank goodness for YouTube.

Speaking of which, Kos posted about "The YouTube Effect" on the front page yesterday. Here's the article he was referencing: Booby-trapped: Politicians get caught on candid cameras

Matt Taibbi nails it with this artcile in Alternet: Firing Squad Looms for the Dem Party Oligarchy (You really want to read this one.)

And, in case you missed it--I nearly would have were it not for The Daily Show--an article about that guy who traveled to D.C. in his (fake) FEMA trailer "in the hopes of meeting with President Bush. Ugh--that was *such* a set-up, but the "real" press totally fell for it, as far as I can tell.

More to come.

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