Wednesday, October 14, 2020

20: Vermont Overlook #4



  1. I was just reading the front page of The Guardian, and they had a story about an impending heat wave and high winds in California; but not here according the weather wizards.

  2. New Battleground State Polls
    October 14, 2020 at 9:44 am EDT By Taegan Goddard

    From SurveyUSA:
    GEORGIA: Biden 48%, Trump 46%
    From Suffolk University:
    NEW HAMPSHIRE: Biden 51%, Trump 41%
    From EPIC-MRA:
    MICHIGAN: Biden 48%, Trump 39%
    From RMG Research:
    PENNSYLVANIA: Biden 49%, Trump 43%
    From Susquehanna Polling and Research:
    NORTH CAROLINA: Biden 48%, Trump 46%

  3. Just thought you would like to know. . .

    A new Montana State University poll finds Steve Bullock (D) leading Sen. Steve Daines (R) in the U.S. Senate race, 49% to 47%.

    “More than a million Texans have already cast ballots after just the first day of early voting,” the Houston Chronicle reports.

  4. Trump in trouble as Florida's seniors shift towards Biden [Click]

    Belief Joe Biden will win drives shift in US stock purchases [Click] “Investors move into renewables and other sectors that could benefit from ‘blue wave’ victory.”

  5. OHIO: COVID 173,665 cases and 5,033 deaths.

  6. The New Virus Surge [Click] I hope it is in time to concentrate the minds of those who have not yet voted.

    More Battleground State Polls

    October 14, 2020 at 2:01 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard

    From Quinnipiac University:
    GEORGIA: Biden 51%, Trump 44%
    OHIO: Biden 48%, Trump 47%
    From New York Times/Siena:
    NORTH CAROLINA: Biden 46%, Trump 42%
    From St. Pete Polls:
    FLORIDA: Biden 49%, Trump 47%

    NYT: How Joe Biden Became the Unlikeliest of Online Fund-Raising Superstars [Click] “Four inflection points transformed Mr. Biden from a pauper during the primaries to a powerhouse against President Trump.”

    New York Times: “In the districts encompassing Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C., less than 75 percent of first-class mail was considered on time in the most recent data.”

    NBC Staffers Seethe as Trump Uses Network Against Biden [Click]

    1. In contrast to what I said a week ago, Illinois is seeing a surge in cases. In fact, the numbers have suddenly jumped to a record slightly above that recorded in late May. I'll keep my haircut appointment Friday and my appointment for a long-delayed tooth cleaning next Tuesday, but am planning to stay home after that.

    2. Your hair looks just fine from here, Bill.

  7. Replies
    1. I really appreciated that Dionne article. We don['t usually think of "labor liberalism" as progressive, but in fact it's a major tool for reducing income inequality.

    2. It seems far too Polly Anna-ish, but would certainly be agreeable.

  8. BBC: US election 2020: World reaction to long queues of voters in US [Click] Really quite amazing; I do not recall ever standing in a line of more than a few people, going back to and including hand-marked paper ballots. In the past 26 years or so, I haven’t even stood behind one other person. I don’t understand why such things are happening.

  9. Even More Battleground State Polls
    October 14, 2020 at 7:56 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard

    From Data for Progress:
    GEORGIA: Biden 46%, Trump 46%

    From David Binder Research:
    WISCONSIN: Biden 53%, Trump 43%
    MINNESOTA: Biden 52%, Trump 41%
    IOWA: Trump 50%, Biden 44%

    From Reuters/Ipsos:
    ARIZONA: Biden 50%, Trump 46%
    FLORIDA: Biden 49%, Trump 47%