Tuesday, May 19, 2020

RIP Jo*in*VT

It was during the Dean Campaign that I met Jo. She was one of the members of the original Dean blog, and when a bunch of us wanted to put together a special quilt for Howard Dean, I collected the squares and Jo and I got together at her house and she sewed it together! When Kimmy was grieving because her sister had died; we did it again.  I collected squares for a special quilt and Jo sewed that one together too. It's kind of a metaphor of all that Jo was and did in her amazing life. She was the one who took the scattered, incongruous parts and sewed them all together into something comforting and useful. It also expresses so well her kindness, strength and "let's get this done" approach to life. Her voice stays with me, and her smile. Wwe talked on the phone from time to time and her voice still seems fresh in my heart. May it ever be so. Rest in Peace, Jo. You are already missed, dear friend! 


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    1. A fascinating piece. I pursued the mention of the advocate of Modern Monetary Theory to explanations thereof, and find it clear, reasonable, and with extensive grounding in famous economic theorists, going back well beyond Adam Smith. There are distinct echoes of Social Credit, although that is not mentioned. Yes, the government CAN give everyone a pony (if it can breed enough ponies).

    2. “Also on the economy task force is Stephanie Kelton, a pioneer of Modern Monetary Theory and author of a forthcoming book on deficit hysteria.” I didn’t know anything about either Dr. Kelton or MMT, so looked up both of them:

      Stephanie Kelton [Click]

      Modern Monetary Theory [Click]

      NYT: How We Think About the Deficit Is Mostly Wrong [Click]

      LAT: Congress can give every American a pony (if it breeds enough ponies) [Click]

  2. The last time I spoke with Jo, she couldn't talk long because breathing and talking were difficult. I was feeling really sad tonight, and feeling I should have kept more in touch with her. I didn't know until tonight that her 66th birthday was March 27th. But, I went to look at our most recent correspondence and found I'd sent her a couple of things in April and one on Mother's day all of which she probably didn't see. But I did send her a really funny rendition of the Beatles allegedly singing "I gotta wash my hands" that she said got her bopping around the room. LOL! And! I happened to send it ON her birthday! (I feel a little better.)

  3. I'm sorry I didn't know. She was a lovely woman and I'm sure will be missed by many.

  4. From politicalwire.com:

    Biden Ahead in Arizona:
    A new OH Predictive Insights poll in Arizona finds Joe Biden leading Donald Trump in the presidential race, 50% to 43%.
    In the U.S. Senate race Mark Kelly (D) leads Sen. Martha McSally (R), 51% to 38%.

    Biden Way Ahead In Virginia
    A new Roanoke College poll in Virginia finds Joe Biden leading Donald Trump in the presidential race, 51% to 39%.

    Judge Allows ‘Pyramid Scheme’ Case Against Trumps
    Trump Won’t Host Obama for Portrait Ceremony

    Poll: 49 of 50 governors have significantly higher approval ratings for their coronavirus responses than President Trump does in recent polls. The exception: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

    Republicans Can’t Reopen Without Democrats [Click]

    Big Barrier to Reopening Is the Public [Rest]room [Click]
    Betrayed Trump Throws A Fit After Fox Host Criticizes POTUS’ Unproven COVID-19 Cure [Click] Awwww. . . poor little snowflake. Oh, I forgot—that should read “Hail, exemplar of manliness!”

  5. Also from politicalwire.com:

    Whitmer has discussed being Biden's running mate.

    US-Canada border closure extended by 30 days.

  6. OHIO:As of Tuesday afternoon, there are 28,952 cases in the state, 1,720 deaths, and 5,117 hospitalizations, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

  7. Biden Finally Has a Nickname for Trump
    May 19, 2020 at politicalwire.com

    Joe Biden has finally unveiled his moniker for presidential rival President Trump, the New York Post reports, saying he calls his general election opponent “President Tweety.”

    Not bad.

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    1. We lost another wonderful woman. So sad that she made it 100 years, and died because of horrid COVID-19. 😢