Monday, October 07, 2019

Quilted Mini Cover!

This was a highlight of a local quilt show.


  1. That is really cute, listener! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Now for the not-cute news; sorry.

    U.S. Troops Start Pullout from Syrian Border [Click] Against advice of top officials in the Pentagon and State Departments. Putin should be pleased. Will the Kurds be massacred?

    Trump impeachment tentacles ensnare a growing list of agencies [Click] “A president who loves to be in control is finding it difficult to control an investigation that’s extending far beyond his direct orbit.”

    Full Bizarro: Trump Says Nancy Pelosi Should Be Impeached [Click] Of course many of his supporters probably don’t know what impeachment is. No need for Speaker Pelosi to respond; like Reagan said: “When you’re explaining, you’re losing.”

    'It's worse than ever': how Latinos are changing their lives in Trump's America [Click] Could this be enough to increase Latino voter turnout—like California’s Prop 187? [Click]

    1. Susan Rice: In the End, the U.S. Got Syria Basically Right [Click] “When every policy choice was terrible, finding the least bad one became the only way forward.” This must have been written before Trump’s withdrawal announcement of today.

  3. Democrats Show Strength In Virginia [Click]

    Why Presidents Should Divest [Click] Trump Tower Istambul…

    Trump Again Claims Whistleblower Is ‘Partisan’ [Click] Ninety former national security officials evidently beg to differ.

    Federal Judge Orders Trump to Turn Over 8 Years of Tax Returns [Click]

    Barr Chases Wacko Conspiracy Theories [Click] He seems not to know what the Attorney General’s job is. If he keeps this up he might very well be the second Attorney General to win an all expenses paid sojourn at Club Fed.
    Quote of the Day
    October 7, 2019 Taegan Goddard

    “Nobody wants to be the zebra that strays from the pack and gets gobbled up by the lion. They have to hold hands and jump simultaneously.”
    — A former senior Trump administration official, quoted by the Washington Post, on the unwillingness of Senate Republicans to criticize President Trump.

    Perry Denies He’s Resigning [Click]

    If Trump Is Impeached, Pence Should Go Too [Click]

    1. Absolutely! There's not much point removing Trump if we're stuck with Pense!

  4. Our Dear Leader’s ’Great and Unmatched Wisdom’ [Click] in withdrawing our troops from Syria seems to be going over like a lead balloon:

    Nikki Haley doesn’t like it. [Click]
    Fox & Friends doesn’t like it. [Click]
    Moscow Mitch doesn’t like it. [Click]
    High-Ranking military officers don’t like it. [Click]
    Trump’s national security team doesn’t like it. [Click]
    National Security Council source doesn’t like it. [Click]
    Pat Robertson doesn’t like it. [Click] [Aside: I have never heard the term “Mandate of Heaven” applied to leader other than the Emperor of China. But my knowledge of Christianity is not exhaustive.] P.S.: Wikipedia doesn’t know of any other use either.

    1. "applied to leader" should read "applied to any leader"

    2. Christianity knows no "Mandate of Heaven" but in countries with monarchies, such as Great Britain, there is the Divine Right of Kings. "The Lord's Anointed" was not to be harmed.

      "...the Christian notion of a divine right of kings is traced to a story found in 1 Samuel, where the prophet Samuel anoints Saul and then David as mashiach or king over Israel. The anointing is to such an effect that the monarch became inviolable, so that even when Saul sought to kill David, David would not raise his hand against him because 'he was the Lord's anointed'."

    3. As I recall, it was Charlemagne who developed the "divine right" of kings, at least in Europe. The previous Merovingian kings had been elected. He lectured ("dictated to" might be more accurate) the Pope on Christianity, kept a sizable harem, destroyed the religion and society of the Saxons in a most horrific way, set up free public education for boys, and his sons died or were thoroughly inept as rulers (I forget the details, but his kingdom disintegrated after he died.) I like Queen Victoria's title: "Queen by grace of God and Empress of India" (checking reveals that she had various titles during her reign, but that is the one I recall.

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    1. That first article leads to the thought that I haven't really heard anything about Republican challengers in any of Illinois' swing districts, including the two flipped last year. And the filing deadline is only two months away.

  6. Romney Stands Ready to Bring Trump Down [Click] …”the things he’s saying are freaking Republicans out.” If Romney does that, all is forgiven—not forgotten, but forgiven.

    Trump Can’t Tweet His Way Out of This [Click] “Congress and the news media at last care more about what the president does than what he says.”