Saturday, January 12, 2019

It's Snowman Snow! ⛄️

Heavy, wet, sticky snow!
The worst to shovel and lousy for skiing, 
likely to break branches and cause power outages, 
but perfect for sculpting!


  1. It's an ill snow that snows no good?

    1. LOL Funny fella

      No snow here as of yet. We haven't had more than a few inches (that melted almost at once) all season. They were predicting snow for next week, but I haven't looked at the forecast in a few days and don't know how it has been revised. Currently brilliant sunshine and cold. At any rate, the drafts are derned nippy!

    2. Snowed here overnight. I think it's still coming down (absent large flakes, my eyes aren't good enough to be sure). Prediction is for a few inches, but more further south.

  2. Replies
    1. The suffering is heartbreaking. I truly find it deeply distressing. Yet I can't help but reflect that moderate to heavy snow throughout the months from November through March or April was surely normal in most of the areas currently affected (or afflicted) as recently as the 1970s. It is the lack of severe winter weather in recent years that is the aberration. So generations of citizens and leaders have grown up not knowing how to dress for snow, or drive in snow, or budget for snow, or cope with snow in any way. It's not exactly their fault, but unfamiliarity definitely leads to poor decision making and dangerous situations. Not so long ago, storms like these would be not the first but the fourth, sixth, tenth in the season and, though doubtless a headache, still more or less routine. But now, people aren't prepared, towns and cities aren't prepared...

      Thus the ramblings of a grumpy old phart, or is that phartette?

    2. They are the observations of a full and valued member of our posse, Cat.

  3. Listener, while I wholeheartedly share your dismay with the DNC, Bill is absolutely right that the voters, not the national committee, are the party. It's hard to remember this, but vitally important to do so.

    Speaking of such things, I saw a headline late last night that Tulsi Gabbard is running. Googling just now, her campaign web sight is the first hit (that is result).

    Tulsi 2020 -Click

    My heart is definitely with Bernie. At the same time, I would be pleased to see younger people getting involved. Not Harris; she's too much like HRC.

  4. I should prefer that we have extended competition (or perhaps better conversation) in the Democratic primaries, maybe even extending into the national convention; but I think there is going to be a very rapid thinning of the herd. It is not impossible that the nominee will be decided by the first week of March. Rumor has it that Joe Biden has not hired any campaign staff, ditto O'Rourke. Any candidate who has not hired at least major campaign staff by now may well already be doomed. Well, we shall see.

  5. What if the Obstruction Was the Collusion? On the New York Times’ Latest Bombshell [Click] A somewhat lengthy analysis, but VERY INTERESTING. Certainly the question of whether Dear Leader was a Russian asset or a Russian agent should in my opinion have occurred to anyone early on, but this discussion of the FBI’s modern organization of its investigations is very enlightening.

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    1. Yes, I have two handwritten pages of negatives on Kamala. I hope she does not win the nomination because I do not want to support her.

  7. Next week appears to be huge for Brexit—Parliament will probably be in an uproar from Tuesday. [Click]

    Now to wash dishes, then get moving with the text of my last published paper, and perhaps to take a walk. We will be off to San Jose for shopping tomorrow; the weather forecast is good. Rain predicted Monday through Thursday.

  8. These two from a correspondent of mine:

    From Esquire: There Is a Bombshell of a Word in the New York Times Report on the Trump FBI Investigation [Click] “This is the most astounding evidence of Oval Office criminality since the release of the ‘smoking gun’ tape in 1974.” Hmmmm…maybe or maybe not. But an interesting observation, certainly.

    Axios: Record shutdown hits Trump states hard [Click]