Saturday, January 19, 2019

Humour Helps


  1. And folks are trying to figure out what Mueller's statement about the BuzzFeed report means; it might mean that just some details are not right, but the basic story is. Maybe a way of delaying an explosion?

  2. Doesn’t want them to steal his thunder, because it’s way worse than just that?

    1. Oops! Your comment hadn't displayed when I posted mine, listener. It seems that great minds work very much the same!

  3. I continue to wonder if the BuzzFeed report is largely true, but Mueller didn't want it to surface at this time, so released a vague statement. Now it occurs to me that Mueller might well be playing with Trump's mind (and Rudy's to boot).

  4. A Republican Challenge to Trump? [Click] Larry Hogan. Hmmm. I note that the story indicates he abstains from mentioning Trump, just like the typical current Democratic candidates/wannabees. And I wouldn’t underestimate his father’s example. There is a link [Click] to a Frank Bruni interview with Hogan in August 2018 at the bottom of the story.

  5. Don’t Expect the Mueller Probe To Do What Isn’t Its Job [Click] Josh Marshall on Mueller (and Buzzfeed report). Well worth serious consideration--calls for some reflection.

  6. This from a friend on the bus headed from VT to DC...

    "Women’s March bus turned back as New York et al closed down all interstate highways!😱thru Sunday"

    I hope they could at least venture to one of the other marches in time!

  7. Win Without War is circulating a petition demanding that the House refuse to fund Fart's laser drones. Here's what I wrote in the comment box:

    We need safe, well-maintained roads and bridges. We need housing, schools and hospitals. We need meaningful, dignified jobs and a living wage for those who can work and income and food security for those who can't. We do not need laser drones for the president to play with.

  8. From The Hill's FB page:

    Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter blasted President Trump over his proposal to end the ongoing government shutdown by offering protection for some undocumented immigrants in exchange for border wall funding, saying: "Trump proposes amnesty. We voted for Trump and got Jeb!"

    Excuse me while I go vomit!

    Well, she will, as Our Lord said, have her reward. I just wish the moment of her processing into the Land of Eternal Hell Fire could be televised. I would so much love to watch her moment of realization.