Sunday, May 13, 2018

💖 Please raise your teacup to all Moms and all who mother others. 💖

~ International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam


  1. 💖 MOM is FIRST!!! ☕️

  2. Here’s our political theory disquisition of the day; particularly interesting toward the end, where they get into particular national examples: Duverger's law[Click]

    Aged bullies, and steps being taken to control them.[Click] I can see it; good that countermeasures are being taken.

    Of course California should require solar panels on new homes[Click] LA Times editorial reprinted in today’s Fresno Bee.

    Title[Click] California gubernatorial debates cartoon from the Sacramento Bee

    We haven’t see the turtle in our swimming pool for two days now; presumably it has moseyed on… which saves us the problem of figuring out what to do with it after apprehension.

    Filled a big wheelie trash can with weeds and leaf litter today; to judge by how I felt when I came in and the bathroom scale, I must have sweated off about two liters. Shower, relaxation, water and salt pills are restorative. In fact, I think I will have one more salt pill. And another glass of water--more later.

    I am pretty sure I have figured out the one remaining gap in documentation of my father’s youth. He remembered being in Mariposa (the principal settlement of the only county in California that has no city), and I have narrowed that down to two years, 1923 and 1924, when he would have been in 6th to 8th grade. Also figured out the reason his mom took him there from Los Angeles: her sister blew her cover with folks back home and she had to move (and probably change her name) quickly. So I have sent an inquiry to the Mariposa school district office that handles transcripts; hope their records go that far back.


    1. Great detective work, Alan! Good luck with the school records.

  3. Browsers and screen readers still not playing well together in my corner. Both Dad and I are frustrated and puzzled. I know there are worse things - Sending much love and good vibes to Puddle♥ - but knowing that doesn't help my blood pressure, which I'm pretty sure by now needs to be regulated via medication. I am fifty-four, after all. I've also concluded I need a mild anti-anxiety medicine, perhaps on an as-needed basis rather than at regularly stated times.

    A great deal of my life is spent on the Inner Tubes. The current disruption brings this home quite forcefully. And I do not like the current disruption!

    1. As someone who spends most of my life in front of a computer screen -- although not specifically on the internet -- I can sympathize. Is the problem similar on all the browsers you have tried?

      And would a glass of wine -- maybe sherry? -- serve as a mild anti-anxiety medicine? Seems to work for me.

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