Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Male Goldfinch


  1. Talk about First!

    Did you all hear about the man who scaled a building in France to rescue a dangling 4 year old?!
    He is from Mali and had not been in France long. His hope was to make a new life there.
    They are going to make him a French citizen and have offered him a job as a firefighter!
    You can see him scale the building in this video.
    (The child's father has been detained on child neglect.)

    1. I saw it on NHK TV. That fellow has some very serious muscles; few people could have done that.


    2. That was so weird because there was an adult man standing right there by the baby and doing nothing. I am guessing that is the father that was detained for child neglect?

    3. Susan, look closer. That person was on the balcony next door, reaching over a partition and holding onto the child, but was not able to hoist the child over the railing. What confounded me was seeing a second person on that balcony and wondering why that person wasn't pounding on the door of the child's apartment. Maybe the father left the child home alone and the door was locked? I hope there is a mother who can tend the child while the father is being dealt with. So sad.

      But what a wonderful human being to save that child at such great risk!

    4. According to the BBC headline, it's honorary French citizenship, but still richly deserved.

      No way can I watch the video. Just thinking about it gives me a panic attack!

  2. Cat ... yup. Had Amazon started with the "so sorry" message, I would have felt a lot less aggravated.

    Today I did as they asked and called. I got to speak with someone right away, but had to start at square one and explain what happened. The woman listened very nicely, thanked me for providing details, then asked if I would allow a "brief hold." I said okay. I regret not getting her name, because I was on hold for 25 minutes before I hung up. I then responded to the message that asked me to call... ostensibly because there was a a security reason they couldn't explain by email what Amazon planned to do.

    I can't help thinking they are politely stringing me along until I give up.

  3. Left a couple of comments on the last thread. Our Internet was out for about five hours this evening, which is why I didn't get here sooner.