Tuesday, December 05, 2017


ACTION ITEM!!  Call these two Senators and ask WHY!  They need to hear from We the People!

I called them both. I was surprised that I was so emotional on the phone. I told them that my husband and I are nearing retirement and this and the Tax Bill are freaking us out. Both staffers who answered were appropriate and said their Senator felt that the 60 vote margin would be sufficient and that they voted no to be able to keep conversing with Republicans on the issue. 
So I said that the 50 vote thing has been really hard to take, and I'm not sure 60 will really stand. I asked the staffer to tell the Senator that we feel that we are being taxed twice, that SS & Medicare and Medicaid have been robbed and not replenished and that these are NOT part of the deficit but our money that has been taken out of our pockets. 
I closed by making a point of thanking the person who is answering the phones, thanking them for being there, sticking with it through these really hard days, and that We the People really need someone who can hear us and convey our concerns. Be sure to thank the staffer; it's a really hard job.

Earlier main post:

On the First Day of Advent, I got to hear Vermont's vocal ensemble Anima in person 
for the first time.  They were accompanied by Fyre and Lightning Consort 
on harp, recorder, lute, tin whistle, and even bagpipes!  
The woman who plays harp also plays various recorders 
and tin whistle, and sings sweet soprano with the ensemble as well.  
She is seen here, with long dark hair,  just above harp.
Oh my goodness!  Have a listen!  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/anima72


  1. listener--correction to previous post re instant coffee: my regular coffee cup is 250 ml (just measured), not 300. Last night I was guesstimating by comparison to a cup at work.


  2. ACTION ITEM: Write a Letter to the Editor of the largest newspaper near you, or a national paper, expressing your outrage over the Tax Bill and the Republican Congress' plan to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Let's flood them!

    Repost everywhere!

  3. DT plans to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in about 6 months.

    This is a dastardly and bastardly idea. It would be the death knell of the Palestinian - Israeli Peace process. Moreover, it would spark fresh war with Iraq and other Arab nations (no doubt compounded by his travel ban). It isn't enough that he's rattling North Korea's cage, he has to do this too? Gee, let's go to war with Asia and the Middle East all at once and be the cause of such wars. What could possibly go wrong? Russia sure chose well.

    Why Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem is a Big Deal

    "The powerful Iraqi Shiite cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, warned in January a statement on his website that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem would represent a declaration of open war against Islam."

  4. Has anyone asked the question WHY DT wants to sow chaos in our nation and the world?

    If it's due to mental illness, he must be removed for the sake of national security.
    If it's for some dastardly purpose, he must be jailed for treason!

    1. He is just completely incapable of doing anything positive. He only knows how to tear down, and that is actually all he's done. I really hope Mueller gets him out of there before too much longer while we still have a chance of saving something from the destruction he and his appointees are leaving behind. Cheetolini is the mule who kicks a barn down because he lacks the ability to build one. I hate his stinking flabby orange guts. I hope he keeps sucking down those Big Macs until he finally brings on that coronary.

      Oh, and I saw he's working with that war criminal and Betsy DeVos's brother to set up his own private spy ring. He's doing everything he can to replicate Nazi Germany.

    2. It's ALL treasonous. WHY is it taking so freaking long to get rid of such filth?!!