Wednesday, July 26, 2017

After Many Years

There is a new book out by Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the Anne of Green Gables series.  
Yes, really!  
Two wonderful women gathered some of her long forgotten short stories and put them into a book.
🌟 Guest Post 🌟 Carolyn Strom Collins on the Creation of 
After Many Years
This book was published in Canada on 6 June 2017 by Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
It is due out in the USA on 7 November 2017
To buy it sooner through the publisher:
Mind you, I already checked and it would be $21.95 from the publisher plus almost $12 to ship it to Vermont, so more than $33.00. If I wait until November it's just $21.95, 
or even $14.15 from Amazon. 
Hard to justify, but so hard to wait!!  But do read the Guest Post!! It's wonderful!

We met Carolyn Collins the last time we visited PEI. As my dear husband had created the newsletter Kindred Spirits, about the works and life of LMM, she took us from Silverbush across the road to the family home (then not yet open to the public), where I photographed the Rosebud Spray Tea Set and the remaining original diety of the hearth (Gog, I think). She also gave me her email address and phone number inviting us to stay in touch ... which I managed to misplace before we got home to Vermont. Lovely to feel reconnected! 

In the Guest Post, Carolyn mentions Rea Wilmshurst.  
I recall that Rea stopped here at our home in Vermont on her way 
from PEI back to Toronto one year, to meet and discuss LMM, 
Kindred Spirits newsletter, and the work Rea was doing.  
That was so long ago (early 90's) that I feel old!

I can't wait to read the book!!


  1. John Boehner doesn't think Republicans stand a chance of passing health care

  2. John Boehner has an impressive and honorable life story, as memory serves me.

    Re the Dems' alleged new platform, it strikes me as unimpressive, not much more than tinkering around the edges of the New Democrats' basic policies of the past forty years or so. Someone opined that a new message could not be credibly carried by the advocates of the old message, which is worth consideration. I figure the New Democrats' time is gone, but they don't know how to be anything else. I want to see a return to the New Deal's emphasis on competition; I remain convinced that it has been a huge mistake for the New Dems to encourage monopolies.


    1. A bumper sticker not on my car now: "The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them".

    2. That sounds about right.