Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sidewalk Butterfly


  1. Tabby’s Star dimming event underway![Click] First ever live observation.



    This freaks me out a bit. I've been feeling for a while that our First Amendment right to free speech is under attack. I've been having to pass multiple "security checks" with word captchas on Facebook any time I try to share an anti-Chump post.

    1. I think there is no reason for concern, Susan. The guy was an absolute chowderhead who richly deserved to be arrested and thrown into the slammer. What should one expect for publicly advocating potentially lethal violence and felony vandalism--against a police officer at that? And on Facebook of all places? There probably aren't enough conventional billboards in the country to spread the message as well and widely as Facebook. I don't do Facebook for the simple reason that their business plan stinks--anything posted there and everything they are told by or can deduce about individual users is up for sale; much of it is available for free.


    2. I agree he was young and stupid. Words are sometimes taken at face value.

      I've been very careful about giving information to Facebook. They have my birthdate and town and that's about it. None of that where I went to school, where I worked stuff. Not their business.

    3. There are loons out there that will actually act with less encouragement than that. . . .