Thursday, May 04, 2017

Lavender Stairway


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    1. When I think of "digital news publishing," I think of the on-line version of the _Chicago Tribune_. And what's this about Yahoo! going away? The on-line URL for my email account is still and AFAIK Goossearch still uses the Yahoo! search engine.

  2. That stairway is beautiful..............for me to trip on.

  3. Repeal and Replace Republicans!!

  4. On the down side of technology this week:

    Today I dropped my iPhone onto the tiled kitchen floor and it has been unresponsive ever since. "It's dead, Jim." That's really strange because it was in an Otterbox Defender case, and both the phone and the case remained intact!!

    1. But wait!

      I am again iPhone enabled! My good friend, Nawrie, provided the how to!!

      If your iPhone ever goes unconscious, try holding down (together) both the button you use to Start your phone and the button you use to turn it off. Worked like a Hogwart's charm! Whoo hoo! I am so grateful! I guess the poor thing was only stunned.

    2. Would that be the Wakey-wakey charm? Probably has something to do with the accelerometer. Good friend indeed!


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    1. West Cook DFA decided yesterday that we're going to focus on electoral politics. Especially on defeating Peter Roskam in the district just to the west of us -- which Hilary narrowly carried.