Saturday, April 15, 2017

By Water and the Holy Spirit...

Four of my best friend's grandchildren, all siblings, are being Baptized tonight at the Easter Vigil,
 at a beautiful cathedral, where we used to attend.  So I decorated a candle for each, 
using primarily water symbols, plus symbols of the Holy Spirit.

                               Front                                                                                  Back


  1. The candles are beautiful, listener. Are those decorations on your hand-dipped candles?

    I sent you my quilt picture. Or rather, son #2 did. Hope it comes through okay.

  2. Beautiful beautiful candles, listener!

  3. So glad you're feeling better, Listener♥

  4. Alan, there are soooooooooooooo o many books to read. I don't know how anyone can ever be bored.

    In print on my SARA reading machine I'm struggling through Imago Dei Psychotherapy: A Catholic Conceptualization. It's mostly tedious rather than difficult. On the other hand, on Audible on my iPad I'm listening, again, to Dark Moon Defender, a Fantasy/Romance novel, third volume in Sharron Shinn's series The Twelve Houses. The books aren't that well written, the world building leaves a great deal to be desired, there are continuity problems; but, the characters are engaging and the character development's pretty good. This third volume is my favorite - I've read it more often than the others. What can I say? Sometimes one needs a silly, fluffy read.

    1. Gee--I took a look at the Imago Dei website, and it sure looks deep--but I expect that much of that is because I don't speak the language. Dark Moon--I seem to recall that phrase being used maybe? A book? Seems to be a werewolf movie....probably thinking of the song Dark Moon Circle, by Avalon Rising.


      P.S.: Tax returns all ready to mail on Monday; came out very well this year. Now back to some other things...