Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Point narrowed, with the Sea on both sides, and we drove on through...!


  1. Thanks for the related link on the last thread, Alan!
    “[The president] appears to have discussed something that, if true & accurate, would be classified.”

    What are the consequences for a President who leaks classified information?
    Is it jut a slap on the wrist or something substantial for a change? I ask because on the Sunday morning shows it was said that there does not appear to be evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign.

    1. I doubt any punishment would come to much unless it were obviously intentional--spying for Putin, say, which would give rise to impeachment in the House and trial in the Senate. At this point I think it falls to the Senate to remove him for psychiatric inability to perform the duties of the office, in accordance with the 25th amendment. And I will be saying so to my senators.


    2. Ah, Alan. I sent letters to and phone the offices of all my Congresspeople prior to the Inauguration begging them to stop the Inauguration and/or invoke the 25th. Nothing yet, and my guys are Tops. What will it take?

  2. The following is rather a long quote, but it looks like there is room to post it here this morning… Looks like we might be getting some rain starting tomorrow, no telling how much or little.

    Washington Post: “As Trump’s administration enters its third month, the constant jockeying and backbiting among senior staff is further inflaming tensions at a time when the White House is struggling on numerous fronts — from the endangered health-care bill to the controversial budget to the hundreds of top jobs still vacant throughout the government.”

    “The emerging turf war has led to fights over White House protocol and access to the president, backstabbing and leaks to reporters, and a heated Oval Office showdown over trade refereed by the president himself.”

    “This account of the internal workings of Trump’s team is based on interviews with 18 top White House officials, confidants of the president and other senior Republicans with knowledge of the relationships, many of whom requested anonymity to speak candidly.”

    Fits pretty well with today's Doonesbury [Click]

  3. Primarily they're suffering from Propaganda Poisoning and Terminal Stupidity.

  4. How Monopoly’s New Tokens Betray Its History[Click] I didn’t know about the game from which it was derived, or the sociopolitical system said game was based on—Georgism. Fascinating!

    What If the 'Populist Wave' Is Just Political Fragmentation?[Click]

    Breaking Faith[Click] The political and social tendencies of the unchurched; seems not unrelated to the column directly above.


  5. Our wisteria are blooming, as are the cherry trees. The younger cherry is is spectacular. Small bees resembling honey bees like the cherry blossoms, and carpenter bees like the wisteria. I MUST replace the diaphragms in several of the sprinkler valves--the leaking is no longer tolerable. I will pick up the parts on the way to work tomorrow morning. We got a pretty fair bunch of weeds dealt with today, and set out the epiphytic cacti, which we had in sheltered places on the south side of our house during the winter.