Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Please share, especially if you know federal employees...

DT has put a gag order on all government scientists, and made the National Park Service delete their tweets about Climate Change.

Here are some useful, related links:

Badlands National Park deletes tweets on climate change

What we actually lose when the USDA and EPA can't talk to the public


BUT!  Just at the end of the day came some light!  
Check these out...

US Park Service peeps create ALT Twitter account!

Women Scientists Protest

Scientists March on Washington

NPS CLIMATE CHANGE PAGE can still be downloaded. Download it before it gets deleted!



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    P.S.: Now that DT is going to be investigating all those illegal voters, should I suggest that he investigate all those Canadian sasquatches that are illegally crossing the border and invading American Bigfoot territory? Maybe someone could start a White House petition?

    1. I don't know, Alan. If they're anti-Trump, we need all the help we can get! 🙃

  2. Hope this link works because, if it doesn't, I don't know how to fix it. :(

    Scientists embark on their own Trump resistance - Click

    Right clicking on the link and selecting Open in New Tab rather than left clicking might work better? Worth a try, anyway.

    1. Thanks, Cat! The link worked perfectly for me, with just a click! 🙂

  3. The Climate Change page linked on the front page has been taken down.
    It is a .pdf file.
    Send me an email if you'd like me to send a copy to you.

    my first initial and last name

  4. This is long, and I apologize in advance. It's something I wrote up a few hours ago that helped clarify where I am about DT and his actions...

    DT is afraid of the truth. It's very sad that his father was so demanding and required him to always be perfectly victorious. But oh my gosh, at some point in your life you have to grow up, get help, and not harm others. Of course, with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the chances of him being able to be helped are very slim. At best, he could have been contained. Upon my word, I dearly wish he had been contained. He is mentally ill and was abused and is being used by greedy people, and is immensely greedy himself. Most of all, he is broken, and he's going to be harmed even more by the thankless weight of being President. The worst thing about that is that we are going to be harmed too.

    There are times when I am meeting with seekers when they speak of having had a hard time with a parent who has now died. They have unresolved pain and never got to talk it over with the parent, never had chance to tell them they forgave them, and now will never feel healed. I'm not a psychologist, but one thing I suggest that has helped those who are basically functional but pained at heart is this: Imagining the possibility that the parent has crossed over into eternity and now actually comprehends the harm they caused, what would you want to see be the consequence of their actions? Invariably (to my surprise) the person just wants to resolve it, not "send the parent to hell for eternity" or some such thing. All they ever wanted was for the person to see what they had done, acknowledge it and have a change of heart. They have a need to forgive where possible, to get rid of the burden they hold. If, as Lucy Maud Montgomery and Edith Schaeffer have suggested, when we die and face the Eternal all the good in us remains (heaven) and all the bad in us is burned away (hell), the question becomes Will there be enough of us left to survive the transition? Assuming the parent now stands alone before the Holy, it is possible for the person to say that while they don't forgive the actions, they forgive the person because they also have love for that person. I have suggested that they offer a prayer for the parent that they be forgiven, after they cross over. It's amazing how freeing that is for those left behind. (If the damage done was bad enough, of course, some psychological counseling would be necessary before this point.)

    For me it has been an interesting exercise to imagine DT's father standing before the Holy, and seeing all the damage his parenting has caused and continues to cause, now exponentially. Moreover, it is interesting to recognise that (for those of us who believe that we are ALL One, it is a holy and compassionate act to minimise the damage that DT can do. To whatever extent we can minimise the damage, we help not only our individual selves and loved ones, but all humanity and even DT himself. It helped me SO MUCH to have that thought. I realised that I don't *HATE* DT, because I am willing to help minimise the damage he can do, for his sake as well as my/our own. He must be stopped.

    1. I had an uncle *who lived next door to me, along with another uncle) while I was growing up. Even at a very young age, I observed how much damage he did to other people, and never acknowledged. My dad and his two brothers were in business together. He was the sales guy, and went to work at 9 or 10, and home at 3 or 4. Those same years, my dad, in charge of fabrication) went to work at 4 or 5, and came home at 11 or 12. There were months at a time I only saw him on Sundays.

      I wanted and needed for Uncle Gene to admit he was a lazy piece of shit, who refused to carry his part of the load. Of course he never did.

      I finally heard someone talking about their NDE, and life review, and feeling what those he had harmed felt, just as they'd felt it.

      For me, one of those AHA! moments. It was enough.

    2. Listener, you should look for a place to publish this reflection. It has the potential to help a lot of people. Thanks so very much for sharing it with us. ♥

  5. Over the past few years I have ceased to believe in life after death. I think when you die it's just The End. Just like when you have surgery - you wake up after it, but you've lost hours of your life and nothing conscious filled those hours. My youngest brother attempted suicide about 13 times. The last time he nearly succeeded and had a NDE. Even with that experience he told me "I quit trying to kill myself because I realized if I died I wouldn't know if I felt any better." I think that in all cultures, all religions, religion came to be because people fear ending. They want to believe there's more. I just don't believe that any more.

  6. Many feel as you do, Susan. The positive message you bring is to live life NOW, not waiting for some afterlife to be heaven for you. The best theologians say that heaven (life not separate from the Holy) begins now, not after you die.

    As for me, I had a NDE at age 2.5 and said things afterwards that I had no knowledge of beforehand. I spoke of God, and my family had NO connection to church or religion since before I was born. I always gravitated toward things of the spiritual life long before I heard about my NDE (which I have no cognitive memory of). Have you ever read Dr, Eben Alexander's book on the subject? It's pretty compelling. He's a Harvard neurosurgeon who did not believe in NDE's (except as medically explainable delusions) until he was hanging by a slender thread for a week in hospital with an infection and had a long and involved NDE himself. The really amazing thing is that he had a "guide" through his NDE. He had been adopted and after he survived the NDE he found out he'd had a half-sister, but she had died two years before. He was shown a picture of her. She. had. been. his. guide.

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