Thursday, December 29, 2016

Waiting for my Bean Boots...

One of my Christmas gifts was being able to get new boots. I need them very much. 
So, I ordered them online on Christmas Day, and they were slated to arrive on Thursday the 29th. We are getting a Nor'easter, tomorrow and Friday, that is expected to bring 6-12" of snow. 
Now I've been pretty excited about them arriving (and hoping like crazy that they fit well).  
So, it's a little disconcerting to learn today that they aren't coming until Friday, after all. But! At least they're not back ordered!  I love the look; and my gloves are red, my hat is red with a touch of black and white, and my coat is teal green. Best of all, the boots will look great with my red Mini Cooper 
which has racing flag ("soccer ball") mirror caps!  😄 ~ listener


  1. The red accents on the boots are perfect. No call for such boots hereabouts. Also it is pretty much impossible to find a decent man's winter coat here--not enough winter. I'd like one long enough to cover my fanny, but jackets are about it. I can't say as I like the ones that make one look like the Michelin Man (Bibendum is his actual name, should you have wondered--or even if you have not). Well, gotta get moving. Hoping for a short day at work today--yesterday went until 10 PM, and I left maybe 1-2 hours' work at that.


  2. I actually had to buy little men's boots last winter because everywhere I looked the women's boots were "dressy" or had high heels. Pretty to look at, but kind of dumb when all you want to do is shovel snow and scrape off the car.

    1. Ah, Susan, but these are warm and waterproof, made by Keen and sold by LLBean. Perfect.