Friday, October 21, 2016



  1. Looking forward to some serious rain!
    Lake Champlain is fully two feet below average and 7 feet below flood stage. Small local rivers are nearly dried up. The Fort Ticonderoga Ferry had to cease operation early because there isn't enough water to get all the way to the edge of the Lake anymore, down there in the narrow southern part of the Lake. The ferry has been operating since 1759 and this is the first time in history that it has had to end the season early. Captain Jon Porter of the Ticonderoga Ferry just completed 50 years as Ferry Captain! Highly Commendable!!
    Somehow (humidity?) our grass has stayed green, and the foliage is glorious up here in Chittenden County. Still, it will be good to fill up the water table.

  2. Canada Lynx spotted in southern Vermont! They used to be native here, so that's very cool.

  3. Reporting (at Kos) that the Republivans are so afraid of their vote being stolen, they're waiting till election day. Good: now they get to experience the lines, the waits, the cold rain running down the backs of their necks.

    1. Not here. But there aren't enough Republicans in Oak Park to notice.

    2. Darned if I can see the logic, but that's consistent, at least.


  4. I meant thanks for the feedback, puddle! I have to get the pronunciation right!


  5. More...--Alan

    Wikileaks re HRC team and progressives [Click] Kelly Mitchell: “It’s probably a good thing if we’re getting under the skin of the woman most likely to be the next president."

    Sanders Raises $2M in Two Days for Downticket Dems [Click] House Speaker Paul Ryan unintentionally galvanized the left with threat of "a guy named Bernie Sanders" taking over the Senate Budget Committee

    Editorial cartoons new today:

    The Trump Train [Click]
    Wanted Poster [Click]
    Snipe Hunt [Click]
    Can this be? [Click]
    Worse than Russians! [Click]

  6. Will try again--Blogger seems to think my posts are delectable! But this time I saved it.--Alan

    The Sun’s Mysterious Tilt Gets A Surprising Explanation [Click] “Astronomers point to Planet Nine.”
    Planet Ten, more like. Harrumph!

    Hillary Clinton just released an incredibly powerful ad featuring Khizr Khan, the father of slain U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan. [Click]

    Early Vote Shifts Heavily to Democrats In Key States [Click]

  7. Here are the latest state polls from the presidential race:

    Indiana: Trump 43%, Clinton 37%, Johnson 9% (Ball State)

    Utah: Trump 30%, McMullin 29%, Clinton 25%, Johnson 5% (Dan Jones & Assoc)

    Virginia: Clinton 45%, Trump 33%, Johnson 8% (Christopher Newport University)

    Georgia: Trump 44%, Clinton 42%, Johnson 9% (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

    Georgia: Trump 47%, Clinton 43%, Johnson 5% (Landmark)

    Georgia: Trump 50%, Clinton 46%, Johnson 3% (Opinion Savvy)

    Florida: Clinton 49%, Trump 45%, Johnson 3% (Opinion Savvy)

    Maine: Clinton 42%, Trump 36%, Johnson 9% (Maine Peoples Resource Center)

    Iowa: Clinton 41%, Trump 37%, Johnson 10% (Lucid)

    Pennsylvania: Clinton 47%, Trump 38%, Johnson 7% (Lucid)

    Ohio: Clinton 44%, Trump 39%, Johnson 7% (Lucid)

    Indiana: Trump 43%, Clinton 37%, Johnson 10% (Lucid)


  8. Replies
    1. Certainly Mr. Krugman is entitled to his opinions, and there are some valid points in there; but he is laying on the pro-HRC prejudice pretty darn thick. And just what her "signature issues" may be is open to debate, IMO.


  9. "Paul Ryan unintentionally galvanized the left with threat of "a guy named Bernie Sanders" taking over the Senate Budget Committee." ROFLMEO!