Thursday, October 13, 2016

Flowing where it will...


  1. Hurricane Hunters are First! Hurricane Nicole is last!

    Holy Schmokes! Quiet little meandering Tropical Storm Nicole has become Category 4 Hurricane Nicole, and is headed straight for Bermuda! If the expected direct hit occurs, this will be stronger than Fabian in 2003. Nicole may be their strongest storm in at least 90 years, and could prove the strongest of all time. The higher temperatures of the Atlantic this season have made this possible.…/atlant…/2016/Hurricane-Nicole

  2. I have my sample ballot marked, and only await the arrival of the real thing. So far I have received a single flyer asking me to vote for a proposition, and that was incredibly uninformative. Quite a change from days gone by.


    1. Gor a form to request a mail-in ballot a few days ago (mailed by the Democratic Party), but I don't know. I have the feeling that a (legally) blind person would find it harder to fill out a paper ballot than to touch a screen. No way to really know without having a chance to see such a ballot.

  3. Michelle Obama Gives Powerful Speech Roasting Trump For Predatory Comments (VIDEO) [Click]

    Right now Michele Obama is giving an incredible speech. For once the word is not inappropriate. If you're near a TV, flip on CNN or MSNBC to watch it. It’s fascinating because it’s raw and real and incredibly important. And at the same time by being apolitical it's devastating, shattering in political terms. Her whole speech runs with the tacit statement: We’re not even going to talk about politics. We’re going to operate on the common assumption that there’s a monster loose in the country. And go from there ...

    - Josh Marshall

  4. Just mailed my request for a ballot. Monday, will call to make sure they got it. Vote should go out Thor's Day.

  5. Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize in Literature.

  6. Proud of my Representative in the House! Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) won both the Democratic and Republican nominations in August for re-election this year to a sixth term, and faces a little known candidate in November from the small Liberty Union political party.

    Winning both major party nominations is rare but not unheard of. Welch also was the pick of both parties in 2008 for Vermont's only seat in the U.S. House. This year, he's the only congressional candidate nominated by both the Democrats and the Republicans.

    Known as an open-minded liberal, Welch is praised by GOP leaders in the House as a trustworthy colleague not given to grandstanding.

    "(Welch) never assumes he knows the motives of those with whom he disagrees," Gowdy added. "He actively looks for areas of consensus and does not care who gets the credit. He offers praise in public and constructive criticism in private."

    That is the wonderful human being I know Peter to be, and why Bill and I have helped with his campaign at times. :-)

    1. That sounds rather like another son of Vermont--Calvin Coolidge. Is it something in the water? [grin]


      P.S.: Today's political news is coming hot and heavy--too much so, if anything. Someone made the observation that HRC is now doing her best to NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS. Sounds reasonable.