Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Early Apples


  1. Elsewhere I blog, was a woman in NC doing phone banking for Hillary last night. Her group was four women from Charlotte's suburbs. Two of whom had never voted Democratic in their lives. Go gurlz!!

    I think there's hope. But it IS discouraging that so many of my fellow citizens are just bat shit krezzy,

  2. The Blog now has front page photos prepped through mid-October. Enjoy! (If you get tired of the sea theme, tell me!)

  3. Thing is, we all know who Trump is. He's the boss's son. The nincompoop who gets paid more than you do with less experience, less education and hella less dedication. Who shows up late, hits on the receptionist, puts salt in the sugar dispenser in the break room, and yucks about it. Who doesn't brush his teeth, wear a tie or deodorant. And he's gonna get the next promotion. If he got bad grades in school, the teacher got yelled at. When the police picked him up for XXX, they called his parents rather than booking him. He doesn't think he actually needs facts, because he's never needed them. He doesn't have to be good, because he's never needed to be. There's always been a boatload of flunkies and groupies, always will be.

    1. Yep. He inherited a huge amount of money and has managed not to lose all of it.

  4. VT*Grandson (age 3) scared his mother pretty badly today. He hid. He hid well. In fact, he went missing so long that his parents called the police. It wasn't until the officer was in the house that Grandson was heard to ask, from his parents' bedroom, "Who is that guy?" The officer was not surprised. He said, "This happens a lot." !!!

    My comment:
    OMG! The book you could write, if you could take your eyes off your son long enough. =HUG!= Our fourth did that. When you begin to despair, just before you call the police, yell out: "Who wants ice cream?!" and listen intently for the direction of the "I do!" response. It's amazing parents survive. ♥