Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Vermont State Primary today! :-)

As usual, listener will be working at the polls (from 12:30-3:30pm, then again from 5:00-7:00pm), and staying to count the vote. Will probably also help the town clerk take the voting machines and bags of ballots back over to Town Hall at the end. :-)  There are several excellent choices for Governor and Lt. Governor this year!  Vermont is awesome!


  1. Susan Collins bashes DT but good, won't vote for him. [Click]

    Is Florida a swing state anymore? Michael Tomasky [Click]

    Donald's gifts to Hillary [Click] Which raise once again the question of whether Trump might be an undercover agent of HRC…


    P.S.: Bill--re voting the graveyard, I recall hearing/reading that in his first, or one of his first, races not only did many residents of the local graveyard vote for LBJ, but they did so in alphabetical order! That has to be the most disciplined get out the vote campaign ever.

    1. There's also the story about the boy who was upset that his father -- who had been dead for several years -- didn't visit him when he came to town to vote for LBJ. (That story was told by LBJ himself.)

    2. Interesting article about Florida, even though it was on a site that routinely crashed SeaMonkey every few seconds.

    3. And I thought that sort of thing only went on in Massachusetts. :D

      I've seen lever machines. Ore precinct uses paper ballots that you mark with a pencil, just like the absentee ballots. When you vote at the polling place, you mark the ballot and then walk it across the room to drop it in the box.I think it only registers how many total votes have been cast... It's been a while since I went down to vote. Doing it at home is a whole lot easier.

  2. Voter turnout in my town was 30%~!!
    We had NO LULL all day, and it was pretty steady most of the time. Sweet!

    At the end of the night, I watched our Town Clerk schooling a group of teens on elections and having them tally up the write-in votes. Well done!! They are really into it and will help in November too. Yay!!

    At the end of the evening, I helped our Town Clerk take the ballots and paraphernalia back over to Town Hall, and enroute called home for reinforcements. So my husband and son came over to help schlepp everything from the truck to the Town Clerk's Office. She was so grateful! The funny thing is a local firefighter, who had helped us load up her truck and my car, realised what we were doing and followed her over to also help. Good thing, too, as he saw a bag blow off the truck and stopped to pick it up. :-) It was an unused, therefore empty, ballot bag. But just imagine if someone else had found it on the side of the road tomorrow morning. Can you imagine the headline? "Empty Ballot Bag found on side of road. Ballots gone!" LOL! I love living in a small town!!! ♥

  3. Today was the 15th Anniversary of my mother's death (unexpected heart attack, one hour after signing the papers to enter a nursing facility with Dad. They were going to be the first couple the place had.)

    It was also the 30th Anniversary of Bill's father's death (expected but brief illness nonetheless...brain tumor).

    At least we didn't lose anyone today.