Wednesday, July 13, 2016



  1. I can't vote for Bernie, but he ran the best campaign this year, no question about it.

    Charles Koch: Choosing Clinton Or Trump Is A Vote 'For Cancer Or Heart Attack' [Click]

    Goes to show that we can find common ground with many people…

    Listener--I go the Kent combs today--the teeth seem strong, do not scratch the scalp, and are better at combing through tangles than the cheap plastic Ace combs. 143 mm, and even 130 mm, is rather long for a pocket comb, but not for a purse. They come in display holders that will double as comb cases. Promising.


    P.S.: Thinking seriously about taking two steps toward retirement--Social Security will kick in come October, and at a convenient time I will probably resign from one job (the one that pays half as much per hour). Maybe work two days a week.

    P.P.S.: Got started reading H. Rider Haggard's "She." Good fun. How about an "Ayesha for President" bumper sticker?

  2. No time to explain as I have to drive to Norwich before 11am, but here's what I got from a reliable friend today:

    FAQ time:
    Q. Why did Bernie endorse Hillary now?
    A. They threatened to completey shut him out of the convention if he didn't.
    Q. Couldn't he have said screw them and go and fight at the convention anyway?
    A. No. Hillary has more delegates, Superdelegates, and supporters on the DNC rules committee. They would have voted down every one of our platforms, denied Bernie the opportunity to speak, and basically shut him out of the entire process. All the leverage he has gained up to this point would be gone.
    Q. So wait, Bernie DIDN'T quit today?
    A. No. He had to say she won the primary, he endorses her and will help the party defeat Trump, yadda yadda but he DID NOT concede. There is a very big and important difference. Had he conceded, all of his delegates would go to Hillary and he would no longer be an option for nominee.
    Q. So Bernie can actually still win??
    A. YES. And if he wasn't still TRYING to win, he would have conceded. The ONLY option he had to get to the convention with his delegates behind him and have a chance to still win was to do what he did today. He is not a traitor. He didn't sell us out. He did the only possible thing he could have done to keep fighting for the nomination.
    Q. So how can Bernie still win if he's losing the delegate count and he just said he will help Hillary win the election?
    A. By far the most important thing to the DNC, even more important than making sure Hillary beats Bernie, is making sure the Democratic nominee beats the Republicans in November. They scrutinize every poll, every opinion of the public, every event to judge whether a candidate is strong enough to win in November. There are A LOT of things going on right now that show how weak of a general election candidate Hillary Clinton is:
    -66% of the country sees her as untrustworthy
    -60% thinks she should have been indicted for the email scandal
    -A lot of Bernie supporters won't vote for her
    -Congress has requested the Department of Justice investigate her for lying under oath about the email scandal
    -There's a possibility more emails will be leaked by wikileaks or hackers further proving her guilt
    -Many believe the FBI is secretly investigating the Clinton Foundation
    -Her "wins" during the primary havr been tainted with accusations of fraud, suppression, lawsuits, and investigations
    And then there's Bernie. An honest candidate people trust and whose approval rating and trustworthy rating crushes Clinton's. This is the argument Bernie will make at the convention. With all his 1,900 delegates inside arguing this case and 100,000 supporters outside arguing this case, we hope the DNC realizes he's the only choice. He CAN win the convention, but he has to get there first. That's why he endorsed her today.
    Q. So it's still important that all of his delegates go to the convention and we all still March on it like we planned?
    A. It's more important now than it ever was before.
    Q. What if the DNC still refuses to nominate him at the convention? Can he still run third party now that he endorsed her?
    A. Yes. In fact, running third party has never been an option until AFTER the convention. We need to stick with Bernie and see this through to the convention. He's led us this far. Do not abandon him now.
    Q. What if he loses at the convention and doesn't run third party, but instead endorses Hillary 100% and asks us to vote for her?
    A. Then our revolution continues without him and we continue to fight against Hillary Clinton and the DNC all the way up to November and beyond by voting for someone like Jill Stein or writing Bernie in. But the time for that is NOT here yet.
    ‪#‎StillSanders‬ ‪#‎BernieOrBust‬ ‪#‎OurRevolution‬

    1. Sounds reasonable to me. And the Kent combs are good; probably durable, but time will tell.


    2. I guess there's still time for her to be indicted. :P

  3. Left a couple of comments at the end of the last thread.

  4. Right on, Susan!

  5. I am SOOOO encouraged by today's Bernie news! Someone asked me if it could be just a rumor. But it came from the conference call that Bernie had with his delegates! Onward!! I am feeling very Bernie-or-Bust today! :-)

  6. Re: some of the comments on the last thread: What does that even mean, continue to support Bernie? He endorsed HRC. He betrayed us. What is there to support?

    1. Listener's Q&A above would seem to answer these questions, but I'll let the post stand anyway.

  7. Good news, though, isn't it, Cat? Whatever happens, we can know that Bernie didn't sell out…!

    Alan, good news about the comb; keep me posted.

  8. Supporters at Donald Trump's rally in Raleigh, NC could be heard by journalists calling Hillary Clinton a b**ch and demanding that she be hanged :

    Donald Trump has been selling the lie that Hillary Clinton is a criminal who should be in jail to his supporters, so it is not a surprise that the most brainwashed members of his wannabe brownshirt cult are having a collective rage fest over Hillary Clinton not facing criminal charges for her emails.

    Trump creates this ugliness, and the fact that he is enabling a culture of a). such complete disrespect towards women, and b). violence should be troubling to every American.

    What is happening in Raleigh is Donald Trump’s vision for America in action. Trump’s candidacy is damaging the fabric of our country, and even he loses in the polls, Trump has harmed America to the benefit of no one but himself.****-republicans-call-lynching-clinton.html

  9. The newly elected Philippines president, Rodrigo Duterte, urged a crowd of about 500 people on Thursday to kill drug addicts, according to the Guardian.

    “If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself, as getting their parents to do it would be too painful,” he told people in a Manila slum he was visiting after taking his presidential oath.

    Duterte has not shied away from making other rather shocking requests to the public. Early last month, the former lawyer and mayor made similar comments urging citizens to fight crime by turning in and even killing suspected drug dealers.

    “If a drug dealer resists arrest or refuses to be brought to a police station and threatens a citizen with a gun or a knife, “you can kill him,” Duterte said in a nationally televised speech in early June. “Shoot him and I’ll give you a medal.”

    But in what seems to be an escalation, the 71-year-old president is now suggesting that the responsibility for the country’s drug problem rests with addicts themselves and that killing them would be good business for funeral parlors.

    “I assure you you won’t go bankrupt. If your business slows I will tell the police, ‘Do it faster to help the people earn money,’ ” he told the crowd.