Tuesday, June 07, 2016

It's up to you, California! Don't let us down!


  1. B.E.R.N.I.E.!!!

    Well, friends, I'm outraged that the media is messing with the election. What, has the DNC run out of ways to rig it? MSNBC had the story, so I called and left a message, similar to the one below. Then I discovered it was actually AP that broke the story and the various news services picked it up. So I called AP but no luck. So I resorted to email. And just as I went to send it, my server went down for two hours! Argh! Done now though. Here's what I sent with the subject header "Presumptive Media".

    I tried several times this evening to call and leave a comment on a news story, but your mailbox was full and when I was patched through to another line it rang and rang then dropped the call. So I am trying this way, and the server has been down for several hours. Note that I am persisting, nonetheless.

    As an election official in my town, I am outraged that you would call the nomination prematurely, as you did. I try to remain neutral in my town, and believe the media should as well, until the people have voted! We are supposed to have one vote per citizen, and the number of pledged delegates who many not alter their vote are not sufficient at this time, despite your fuzzy math. Given how each of the nominees polls against their other party, it seems the Democrats are in for a very contested convention. Waving the banner for one candidate, before the people have spoken, is unethical and dishonours the election process and the people of this nation.

    My dad was a radio announcer and I used to watch the AP reports come in on the teletype machine. That was so exciting! But I am disheartened tonight to see this sort of reporting. It is not exciting, but infuriating. Shame on you!

  2. The media has been trying to write the end to the election since Day One. Not much of a surprise since they are major donors to Hillary and she is their creature. I'll admit I am stunned by the open and in-your-face corruption. It does not bode well for our country. It also reinforces for me what a truly horrible person Hillary Clinton is, and I'd add Bill into that given all the snotty and childish taunts he has made to the Sanders campaign and its supporters recently. My BFF and I were talking long before the Primary started and both said, "No more Bushes, no more Clintons". I found Hillary mildly offensive at the start of this campaign because of her behavior in her campaign against Barack Obama. Now I just plain hate her guts and will actively work against her. Trump is a moron propelled to the top by racist and hateful supporters and the cowardice of the Republican Party. Hillary is pure evil propelled to the top by the oligarchy over the objections of many rational people.

  3. Susan, my long-standing disappointment with the "Democratic" Party has now been turned into frank disgust by its blatant corruption. It is the new Tammany Hall. I do not think HRC is capable of rising to the level of a Chester Arthur. I do hope, but an not convinced, that if/when HRC becomes the presidential nominee, Elizabeth Warren will not accept the VP slot. The establishment seems convinced that Warren is necessary to play Sprio Agnew to HRC's Nixon. Well, these things are not changed overnight, and oligarchies do not simply roll over when confronted with a challenge--facing an existential challenge, they fight to the death. Bernie may well be the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, which is not something to sniff at. And I should expect his campaign organization to morph into a support group for Bernista candidates. The Dem establishment does not have much of a bench.

    BTW, do you think anyone will do this for HRC? [Click]


    P.S.: I wonder how much help this Democratic campaign will be for the Green Party? In California they recently suffered considerable loss of registration to independent and Democratic rolls, most of which will surely be coming back after the Dem nomination is settled--no matter the outcome.

  4. This from today's LA Times--Alan
    As the votes are tallied Tuesday night in California's presidential primary, more of them are likely to have been cast from kitchen tables or couches than a polling place.

    The nonpartisan Field Poll estimated that 5 million Californians would vote by mail in this statewide primary. That would set a new record, surpassing the 3.7 million ballots mailed in to elections officials in the 2008 presidential primary.

    The all-time record was set in the November 2012 general election, with 6.7 million ballots cast by mail.

    The trend has not gone unnoticed by campaign consultants. For more than a decade, they have watched election day in California turn into something more akin to an election week. One likely reason for the shift is the 2002 state law that allows voters to permanently change their status to what used to be called an "absentee voter."

    The Field report finds that in 2004, just after the law went into effect, 16% of California voters were permanently registered to vote by mail. Now, it's 53% of all voters -- about 9.2 million Californians in all.

  5. Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Superdelegates Declare Winner Through Media


  6. Record voter turnout expected. [Click] Fresno County report at opening of pollls. 65,000 mail-in ballots already being processed (read by the machine tabulators, not totaled). Could ABC calling the nomination depress voting? Could HRC voters stay home? Could Bernie voters be extra-energized? Nobody knows…


  7. Is Trump Actually Looking for the Off-Ramp? [Click] And where would that leave the Dems? The mind boggles…


    1. Hope so!

      Hey, wouldn't it be a scream if the Repubs then nominated Bernie. (I know they wouldn't. But it sure would be justice.)

  8. Ohhh, sigh. 8% of the CA vote in and it's 61% Clinton, 37% Sanders. :-(

    1. Not much different with 13% of the vote in, and the geographic distribution doesn't hint at any Bernie hot spots yet to come in. A pretty disappointing night overall.

    2. I agree, Bill. I'm feeling quite sad. Vermont has given two of our finest, but the system is still stronger than the people.