Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Curtis Lighthouse, Camden, Maine


  1. Halllloooooo!!!!

    Zephyr is First!
    A lighthouse seems apropos for a Zephyr wind. :-)
    (Yes, I took the photo.)

    We made it home safely tonight through thunderstorms from Camden, Maine. More when I can. :-)

    1. Welcome back, listener!

      And on another note, I have realized that the ink reservoir in the fine-nib Pilot Vpen I sent you is really large--it writes, and writes, and writes. I don't have to worry about dropping it, so can use it for writing while standing at the workbench, and the line of ink it puts down is good on regular copy paper. The Pilot Vanishing Point pen I really like, but I only now use it when seated properly, and the refillable bladder (converter) doesn't seem to hold much ink--less than the cartridges; I have to refill it every two or three days. But the converter enables me to use ink that bonds permanently to paper. (Once dried, it cannot be washed off; best for my work at work.) And it is just such a nice pen! I use a Pilot Varsity with a medium nib for writing on hard cardstock with the same waterproof ink. The Vanishing Point pen is marginal for that paper, the Vpen puts down too thin a line to suit me. And even without daily formal practice, my handwriting is getting slowly better. And my writing hand doesn't hurt as it did when I used a ball point pen. (I still frequently use a ballpoint for writing on vertical surfaces and multi-part forms.)


    2. Thanks, Alan! You really need to write a handbook!!

  2. Seen on Facebook: in last Tuesday's primary, Utah Democrats chose a transgender woman as their Senate candidate. On the same day, Colorado Democrats chose a transgender woman as one of their Congressional candidates. The fist and apparently only previous transgender candidate was the Republican challenger to Rep. Sanders in 2000.

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