Saturday, May 14, 2016



  1. Cooler weather here today; Bernie also is cool!

    A few notes from the InterTubes…

    Renewables temporarily reduced cost of electricity below zero in Germany [Click]

    Our classical art tutorial of the day [Click] We are certainly not limited to mere political cartoons here!

    Atlanta Journal-Consitution poll [Click]
    Trump:HRC = 45%:41%
    Trump:Bernie = 42%:47%

    Sheldon Adelson will shovel money into Trump campaign, NOT GOP congressional campaigns. [Click]

    How the Obama administration has manipulated gullible news media [Click] A longish read, but it rings true. Gutting the newsrooms has its consequences.

  2. From Salon:

    This is one weak nominee: Hillary Clinton’s problem isn’t Bernie Sanders. It’s Hillary Clinton [Click] "Say whatever you want about Clinton’s lengthy résumé—and her credentials are indeed impressive—her performance this primary season is hardly indicative of a strong candidate."

    You all know to consider the source, but I do not find HRC's credentials to be impressive. I consider her to be a celebrity candidate. But this sort of article indicates that some folks are starting to come around… albeit rather late in the game.


    1. Good article!! Thanks for posting it!

    2. I thought folks here would like it. At least one or two of the ones above are also interesting...