Monday, March 21, 2016

& hearts ;


  1. Our hearts belong to Bernie!

  2. "WASHINGTON (AP) — Bernie Sanders has scored a big win in the Democrats Abroad global primary.

    The party says 34,570 U.S. citizens living abroad in 38 countries cast votes by Internet, mail and in person from March 1-8. Sanders received 69 percent of the vote to earn nine of the 13 delegates at stake. Hillary Clinton won 31 percent, picking up four delegates.

    1. So Bernie cut 5 delegates off Hillary's 300+ lead. Well, it's a start. Bigger pickups to come tomorrow and Saturday.

  3. Science news stories:
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    Why political parties fall apart: the psychology of infighting [Click] “The major political parties in the US and UK are at war with themselves. So how do groups with shared ideology and long history end up at each other’s throats?”


  4. Replies
    1. I like the phrasing of that headline.

      If the rest of the world could vote, Bernie would win in a landslide from which it would take HRC and Trump years to dig out