Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

                                             Sunrise by John Burk, Peacham, Vermont


  1. Arise! Shine! For your light has come!

  2. Trying to wait up for the Hawaii returns, but my goodness it's taking long. Strange, too, since they only kept the polls open for about 2 hours!! How strange is that? Polls opened at 1:00pm and closed between 2:45 and 3:30pm…without ever telling people when they would close! Shenanigans!

  3. Too many states are making it all but impossible for people to vote. Our system of voting needs a complete overhaul.

  4. Well, by now everyone must know how Hawaii turned out; not bad, eh?

    All the grapevines have now leafed out, although some are just starting. Pistachios have also started to leaf out. I saw large plantings of tomatoes and onions, and ever more nut trees. It is really remarkable how fast the nut trees grow with drip irrigation, compared to flood irrigation. The farmers must be able to apply just the right amount of water, and fertilizer too. I saw one field of alfalfa had been cut and baled (I think they can get five cuttings per year), and there is a lot of grain (presumably winter wheat) growing, mostly near dairies; it seems to be at least partially replacing corn for silage.

    Very quiet weekend at the hospital; several people mentioned that after church a lot of people customarily have barbecues, and I noticed several on the way home. That's a new one to me. Maybe a local Mexican-american custom?


  5. I spotted the following on; not that I take the Washington Post as a particularly reliable or perceptive source of news or interpretation, but it does seem consistent with what many have long been saying about the Clinton campaign--that it is ponderous rather than agile, and at risk of responding to its concept of what they think ought to be happening rather than what is actually happening. Having decided weeks ago that Bernie was finished and therefore could be ignored as they pivot to the general campaign and aim their attacks at their presumptive GOP nominee, they get outspent and outcampaigned by Bernie, and can't promptly redeploy when with almost no warning he commences operations in "their" territory (i.e., New York). What are they going to do if the GOP nominee should be someone they don't expect?

    Washington Post: “To capitalize on his fresh momentum, Sanders plans an aggressive push in New York, modeled after his come-from-behind victory a few weeks ago in Michigan. He intends to barnstorm the state as if he were running for governor. His advisers, spoiling for a brawl, have commissioned polls to show which contrasts with Clinton — from Wall Street to fracking — could do the most damage to her at home.”

    “The intensified and scrappy approach by Sanders comes as Clinton is eager to pivot to the general election. Clinton keenly understands the imperative to unite Democrats for the fall campaign and, thinking that the nomination is nearly locked up, wants to spend the spring building bridges to the Sanders wing.”

    “A potentially ugly primary in New York threatens to derail those efforts. Clinton’s advisers are all but urging Sanders to lay off his attacks.”

    1. While I do not encourage attacks of any kind, it is a relief to see that Bernie is doing everything he reasonably can to win for us! Go Bernie! I love that he has challenged Hillary to a debate in New York.

      We had a truly wonderful Easter, but no time to tell of it just yet. Need to be up early for a sweet reason (more on that later too), so must sleep now.

      Happy Easter! Happy Spring to all!