Thursday, February 04, 2016

Some of this year's Candlemas Candles! :-)


  1. Howard is the light of our lives.

  2. A good day today, even though I did a fair amount of running around. Met a friend in Montpelier (an hour away) for lunch and to enjoy the great toy store there. Then I zoomed to the quaint, healthy grocery store, then on to the Town Hall to pick up my photograph that is on display so I could bring it home and reframe it (I'll bring it back tomorrow; the artist reception is Sunday); then on to the post office, bank and hardware store. Home at last to put away the groceries, nap with the kitties, make dinner and start in on the quilt. Discovered I have one seam that is perfect all the way across until the last 7" or so, which is a quarter inch short. Had to squeeze that quarter inch out of the seamage, Heh. Susan, if you see this, has this ever happened to you? I think I can punt okay with it and am just glad I happened to catch it before I put on the second border! Whoo!! Anyway, I think it's will be okay. Not stellar, but sufficient.

    I have some really cool fountain pens looking at me every day, beckoning. But I have no choice but to soldier on to get the quilt done in time. By the 16th, I should be my own person again. ;-)