Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Little Sparkle...


  1. Replies
    1. Trump scares people. And I mean pretty much everybody outside the *minority* of Republicans he attracts. As the polls show, Hilary beats him. Of course, Bernie beats him by an even bigger margin.

    2. Long day today; court in the Bay Area that was exceptionally prolonged. But I had plenty of time to reflect on the current political situation while driving/riding back and forth, and I came to about the same conclusion, listener. I figure that the GOP will far more likely than not nominate Trump, and will be reduced to a pile of rubble. The Democratic Party isn't that bad off; if they nominate Bernie they have a chance to restore themselves as something resembling the New Deal party they once were--but that will be hard on the establishment types. Still, they have a chance at restoration and renovation that will carry them through the next thirty years or so. But if the superdelegates put a heavy enough thumb on the scale to tip it from Bernie to Hillary, the party is screwed--but good. No matter what happens, the campaign, both major parties and the country would be disasters. An awful lot of people would simply stay home rather than vote, I think. I'm tired, so somewhat morose. Still.


  2. More good news from Illinois' 10th District: The Tribune has also endorsed Rotering.