Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sunday Foliage


  1. DEAN!

    So guess what. A really good guy in Vermont is running for Lt. Gov.! Garrett Graff is the son of Chris Graff, who has been a highly respected interviewer and talk show host here in Vermont. And Mah*Sweetie has sailed with both of them. :-)

  2. Go good to have good choices! Congrats!!

  3. On Saturday morning, on my way to work, I pulled off the road at my usual stopping place, for a stretch and a cup of coffee (from thermos, not Starbucks). Then what should come through the intersection and proceed (at maybe 15 mph) up the road but one of those new cotton harvesters that produces a big round bale covered in plastic, a Deere 7760. [Click] I hadn't seen one up close before, and is is HUGE! The linked photo provides some perspective. Then on my way home this evening I saw two of them harvesting a cotton field after dark.


    1. Huge! Yikes!

      Some part of me doesn't like though it makes the work less valuable to the consumer. I like small and local. But, of course, I live in Vermont, where everything is small and local! :-)