Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

A Canadian Thanksgiving:


  1. O Canada!

    Dean worked well with our neighbours across the border.

  2. A very demanding weekend just past—I’m ready for a relatively restful Monday and it looks like I might be getting it. Coffee/snack break now (1415 hrs).

    On the way home I saw that some of the cotton has been defoliated, so harvesting should start before long.

    This just in: ”Honest Gil” Fulbright leading Bush, Graham in New Hampshire [Click]


  3. Re the cartoon above, the bacon on the turkey looks like a good idea, but I'm not sure about the maple least not full strength.

    Continuing to experiment with my grip on the fountain pen while working (is that multitasking?), I think I may have hit on the best for me and my old hands. Will continue research tomorrow and report here if it proves out. I need two different grips for different parts of my job--standing at the workbench and seated at a desk. And two different pens, depending on the paper, are helpful for now. Figuring out how to hold the pen before I get the handwriting course I ordered (which should come this week) seems promising.


    1. That's interesting about needing different grips for different positions, Alan. I hadn't thought of that!

    2. I have no idear what you could possibly mean when you speak of Maple Syrup in terms of "not full strength." Maybe you need the Fancy style. As for me, I like the new Dark denotation. The stronger the better!! It can make a marvelous marinade. It mixes well with olive oil or melted coconut oil and maybe even a little balsamic vinegar.