Friday, September 18, 2015

♥ Happy Birthday, PUDDLE!!! ♥


  1. Howard Dean is coming to Springfield MA on Thursday to campaign … for Hillary Clinton.

    As a Vermonter, this frustrates me.

    I don't care that our outgoing Dem Governor, Peter Shumlin supports Hillary. They can be tarred with the same brush.
    But Dean supporting Hillary over Bernie really bothers me. A lot.

  2. Well, Howard signed on with HRC when there seemed to be no credible alternative, although it was early days, and he is a man of his word. If that is a failing, it is an honorable one. Had he waited to see what would develop, he would have been vigorously castigated for it. It might be politically just as well for Bernie that Howard hasn't explicitly supported him. And maybe Howard is simply waiting for HRC to be eased out of the way, freeing him from his promise. I was a good boy and cast a vote for Cruz Bustamante in the 2003 California gubernatorial recall election [Click] when Howard asked me to. I didn't want to; I felt SO DIRTY when I did it; I quickly put my ballot into a mailbox so I couldn't undo my vote. I like Howard, but with that one request he used up all his right to ask me to vote against my conscience ever again. But he remains welcome in my home.

    BTW, the Bernie campaign sent me an e-mail offering a "free" Bernie bumper sticker--if I made a monetary contribution. They should know better than that. But my boss commented the other day that my Bernie Sanders for President 2016 bumper sticker is not very clear, which is true. Guess I better get a clearer one. Either the official one or another--there are more options available now. Then to bed.

    Working on arm-writing rather than finger-writing. It's not easy, but I will get there. Working on/experimenting with numerals, which I write a lot of at work. My right had was hurting today from all the alcohol testing I have been doing since the Labor Day weekend. Without thinking about it, I began writing out a large log sheet instead of printing as I normally do; when I realized, I kept dong it because it was easier on my hand, even finger-writing. In all honesty, looking at it critically, it wasn't bad. It wouldn't win any prizes, but it was quite legible; basic Palmer script with a few changes that have crept in over the decades. It is not really as poor as I had convinced myself it was. But I am going to make it better--and a little fancier to boot. But not much.


    P.S.: Enjoying our cooler weather and clean air very much.

  3. Pretty pretty cake! Thank you!!!

  4. I'm glad you liked it, puddle! :-) As soon as I saw it, I knew it was for you!!! <3

    Hoping there were some happy moments in your day and a sweet surprise too. XOXOXXX