Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine


  1. It's Summer, so Dean is First!

  2. A hot and humid day here. Another expected tomorrow.

    I had two small victories today:

    * I had a 25 min phone call with Bernie's Health Aide, Sophie, and with her assistant Michaela who is in DC but from VT. They explained that Bernie, while supportive of the National Nurse Act, is reluctant to cosponsor yet as he is on the Health Committee and whomever on the Committee is first to cosponsor is expected to lead the effort there; and of course Bernie is a bit busy presently. Nonetheless, Sophie offered to call Sen. Merkley's office (since he is the one who introduced the bill), and ask that they do more to bring on a R Senator on the Health Committee. She will also speak with Bernie's Hearth Director. Bit by bit.

    * At the start of the year, we signed on for part of a solar array, with the understanding that the Summer months would bring us credits toward next Winter. But there we were in July with just $28 in credits. So we asked about it, and the solar folks looked into it and couldn't find anything amiss. Were that true we would be forced to opt out of solar. So we took a closer look at the billing and Mah*Sweetie found a discrepancy. He brought it to the attention of the power company and voila! we are being credited almost $200 more and an additional $25 as an apology…! Hurrah! Plus having found the error, and brought it to their attention, we have solved an issue for not only ourselves but others as well! :-)

  3. Quiet, rainy, muggy day here. I will survive!! I will. . . . .